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Tuesday, March 05, 2013


of the the four american authors i would like to meet: samuel clemens, will rogers, kurt vonnegut and michael moore i am actually old enough and had the great fortune to meet two of them.

i made kurt vonnegut chuckle and michael moore mentioned meeting me on his blog. how great is that? menlo park. kurt vonnegut was having one of two book signings for what turned out to be his last book. i had to go. i got there four hours early but didn't meet the cutoff for signings by the great author. the line was so long i was able to read kurt's book in its entirety before learning that he wouldn't be signing my book.

the great author didn't want to disappoint his fans so he allowed signings above his contractual obligations. we wouldn't get to converse with him or get a personalized inscription. the hundred or so of us stayed in line anyway. vonnegut's book was about failure. i made kurt smile on his last book tour ever. i thanked him for allowing me to not be a failure in getting his autograph. i consider it a great accomplishment that i could make this tired and accomplished author grin.

my meeting in redmond washington with another great american author, michael moore, was longer. he was at a book signing and i introduced myself as the originator of the miserable failure google bomb. he was immediately engaged and treated me like a long lost friend. he even mentioned meeting me on his blog. we talked for a bit and his handlers were quite annoyed by how long he spent with me but what they could do.
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