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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

wednesday the third

for some landlords, there's real money in the homeless

mandatory insurance for gun owners?

leading geneticist: human intelligence is declining

what's it like to wake up from a tea-party binge? just ask florida!
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thanks for linking to blogdog
commented by Blogger dogcicle, 12:28 PM PST  
No thanks for linking to blogdog.
The material deserves its Drudge link, not skippy.

Two words suffice to refute most of the crap in that post: Flynn Effect.

As for the claims of genetecist Crabtree, he seems to have missed the central point of actual Darwinism : genetic change in populations comes differential reproductive success, not from survival. (To support his claim he needs to show evidence that today's genetically-impaired humans are more likely to have children than were similarly-genetically-impaired humans in the past. If he has done so, the blogdog article omits to mention it.)

Some of the studies linked to by that piece are actual science. Unfortunately, blogdog abandons the qualifications and quantitative nature of scientific claims, and trumpets conclusions unsupported by the evidence cited.
commented by Anonymous joel hanes, 4:31 PM PST  

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