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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

know where your meat comes from?

or what kind of meat it "really" is. yea...or neigh?
during 1981, an incident involving the importation of mislabeled and adulterated meat from australia resulted in fsis detaining and sampling nearly 66 million pounds of boneless beef from that country. shipments labeled as beef were found to contain horsemeat and kangaroo meat. the problem was traced to plants in the state of victoria, and most of the product has been cleared and allowed to enter u.s. commercial channels.- marlerblog

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1981? You're reaching a bit 30+ years? things change.

The yuk factor aside
Both Kangaroo and horse are 'Healthier meat than Beef' less cholesterol.

The real problem is how it's handled and labelled.
The Aussies have a better food labelling system that the US

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