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Sunday, February 10, 2013

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories you probably didn't hear bandied about on the talking head shows this morning....but should have.

brazil building more dams across amazon. brazil is undertaking one of the world’s largest public works projects, one that will cost more than $150 billion and harness the force of this continent’s great rivers. the objective is to help the country of 199 million people achieve what brazilian leaders call its destiny - wapo

bangladesh faces mass migration, loss of land from climate change. rising sea levels could flood 17 percent of bangladesh – or erode the land – and create between 20 million and 30 million refugees, experts say - toronto star

exclusive: fsa accused over tainted horsemeat sent to europe. the food standards agency was accused of a shambolic handling of the escalating horsemeat scandal last night, after it emerged that it is failing to stop exports of carcasses that could contain a banned drug harmful to humans - the independent

genetically modified apples raise concerns. apple industry groups have submitted testimony opposing the application to deregulate the genetically modified apple that does not brown when the apple is cut or bitten into - yakima herald

usda climate study sees dire future for agriculture. climate change could have a drastic and harmful effect on u.s. agriculture, forcing farmers and ranchers to alter where they grow crops and costing them millions of additional dollars needed to tackle weeds, pests and diseases - des moines register

minnesota moose population plummets, activists blame climate. the population of moose in northeastern minnesota dropped by 35 percent since last year, prompting state officials to cancel this year's fall hunt and conservationists to blame warming temperatures for the massive creature's decline - reuters

numbers so far show records broken across the region. tallies from the weather channel, the associated press and other sources show snow storm records broken across the nine-state region whacked by blizzard 2013 over the weekend - christian science monitor

desalination: costly drops. removing salt from seawater might help slake some of northern china’s thirst, but it comes at a high price. desalinating water uses enormous amounts of energy, which comes mainly from highly polluting coal - economist

utah wants residents input on low-fume hair gels, cleaners. utahns will soon be able to comment on plans for new limits on pollution-causing fumes from household cleaners and other liquids, gels and creams - salt lake tribune

san onofre's problematic generators. ratepayers and the public deserve to know more about who knew what and when concerning the nuclear plant's problematic steam generators - latimes

no more toxic pesticides, we can grow safe ones from mushrooms. biopesticides grown from fungi, insects, or other plants, are starting to replace chemical pesticides as a less poisonous (for people, that is) way to keep crops insect-free - fast company

california comeback gets help from america's biggest oil field. california’s revival comes thanks to a combination of factors: silicon valley, a surging housing market and oil. california, believe it or not, could soon become the u.s.’s biggest oil producer, topping north dakota and even texas- mccleans

man's relationship with nature gone wrong: expert. at 78, jane goodall, who has 53 years of studying chimps behind her, is still criss-crossing the planet to raise the awareness of populations and their leaders on the fate of the apes and the need to protect the environment - afp

 and then...there is "nemo" of the fish varietal.

losing nemo: great barrier reef at risk from coal. coral reefs already have a lot on their plate: now, it seems, the big momma of all reefs, australia's great barrier reef, is also under siege by fossil fuel development being pushed by the recently elected conservative queensland state government - mother jones

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