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Friday, February 22, 2013

democratic state senator abruptly resigned today

to go work for chevron. jumps right into lobbying his former co-workers in your #wtf moment of the day.
state sen. michael rubio abruptly resigned friday to accept a position managing california governmental affairs for chevron corp., saying a desire to spend more time with his family motivated his decision to step down.

rubio, a moderate democrat who has launched a high-profile quest to overhaul the state's environmental review laws, said he had "missed too many family dinners, bedtime stories and parent-teacher conferences."

"i have realized that my current professional path has left little opportunity to be home for those who are most important to me, which is why I am making a change," he said in a statement.

while legislators routinely step down to take another public office or work in governmental relations after leaving the capitol, it is rare for a sitting lawmaker to resign to take a job in the private sector. - slo tribune
hope this bozo will realize that his new professional career path might leave little opportunity for his kids to live in a healthy environment.


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