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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

day of rememberance

was yesterday. did you remember? we all should.
the "day of remembrance" is an annual commemoration of feb. 19, 1942, a day that changed the lives of japanese-americans forever. citing concerns about wartime sabotage and espionage, president franklin d. roosevelt signed an order that led to the internment of more than 110,000 people of japanese ancestry at 10 camps scattered across seven states. - san jose mercury news
executive order 9066 signed by then president franklin d. roosevelt in 1942 authorized the evacuation and incarceration of 120,000 persons of japanese ancestry, living on the west coast. it eventually applied to one third the land area of the u.s. of the japanese people held in internment camps 62% were american born children of japanese immigrants. that order remained in place until it was rescinded by president gerald r. ford in 1976 - south seattle community college

look closely at many of the still photos used in this video. they were taken by ansel adams, who did an amazing series of photos from manzanar and published a book about it. did you remember?

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To forget the past is to repeat it.
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