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Thursday, February 28, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

this song brought home the golden statue in 1963 for the movie papa's delicate condition and was originally sung by jackie gleason.

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dole cheque thursday

false equivalence: it's worse than you think

why medical bills are killing us

obama is a better president for business than reagan

the rising tide of income equality sinks all boats
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cookievore criminals

looks like some girl scout cookie loving criminals are on the loose. those cookie monsters made off with 5,000 boxes of the treats. that's just so wrong...on so many levels.

we’ve all got our favorite type of girl scout cookie, and it appears lowdown, dirty thieving scoundrels who would steal from the young scouts are no exception. someone made off with almost $19,000 worth of cookies from a south carolina warehouse — all of them either of the thin mints or shortbread variety. - consumerist

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banks withhold checks from sandy victims

why aren't these #banksters in jail? why do they hate americans? why do they enjoy inflicting pain? oh, yeah...that's right. profit.
governor andrew m. cuomo today announced that a department of financial services investigation uncovered $200 million in insurance funds from superstorm sandy that are being held by banks and have not yet been sent to homeowners who need the money to pay for necessary repairs.

the cuomo administration has sent letters to banks and mortgage servicers asking that they use maximum discretion and effort to speed the release of funds. the department has also sent letters to fannie mae and freddie mac seeking emergency reforms of their rules and policies relating to the release of insurance funds by banks and servicers. - governor cuomo's office

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

skippy's wednesday night music club

this oscar winning song was from the 1946 movie, the harvey girls.

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wednesday the third

for some landlords, there's real money in the homeless

mandatory insurance for gun owners?

leading geneticist: human intelligence is declining

what's it like to wake up from a tea-party binge? just ask florida!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

some oscar winning music this week, perhaps?

this was the oscar winning song of 1950 from the film captain carey, u.s.a.

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r.i.p. - dr. c. everett koop

dr. c. everett koop, who was widely regarded as the most influential surgeon general in american history and played a crucial role in changing public attitudes about smoking, died on monday at his home in hanover, n.h. he was 96.

...dr. koop issued emphatic warnings about the dangers of smoking, he almost single-handedly pushed the government into taking a more aggressive stand against aids, and despite his moral opposition to abortion, he refused to use his office as a pulpit from which to preach against it.

...where he failed, in his own view, was to interest either reagan or his successor as president, george bush, in making health care available to more americans. - nytimes and latte times

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think the u.s. drought won't affect you?

think again, my friend. and your little dog, toto, too.
high levels of a dangerous toxin found in bagged dog food on a grocery store shelf in iowa have highlighted the prevalence of a problematic mold in last year's u.s. corn crop, as state and federal officials work on limiting the food safety concern. - reuters

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chuck hagel - confirmed...finally

as defense secretary. the gop's little nutter hissy fit has ended....for this nominee.

conservative media outlets spent days beating on hagel, combing through everything they could get on him, and printing even the most baseless of it, like the accusation that he’d accepted money from a group called friends of hamas, which does not exist. the freshman senator ted cruz, of texas, came close to suggesting that hagel was a paid agent of saudi arabia or north korea. as late as tuesday, just before the cloture vote, senator james inhofe, of oklahoma, was on the senate floor trying to link hagel to holocaust denial in iran. (in a particularly bizarre moment, inhofe brought up “schindler’s list,” which came out twenty years ago, and said he’d seen it for the first time three days ago.) none of it amounted to anything.

but after the right put so much effort into tanking the nomination of a man who used to be one of their own, the republicans in the senate couldn’t simply let hagel past without putting on some kind of show. so that’s what they did: they kicked and screamed a little, and they delayed the final vote by a couple weeks, knowing all the while what the outcome would end up being. it was a futile display, but it was fitting, too, as a glimpse of what the gop.’s legislative strategy has become in the obama era: not governing but petulance. - the new yorker

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holy tuesday

arrested for your politics in america

comcast pulls all gun ads from cable network

top papal candidate blame gays for child abuse sex scandal

and rip former surgeon general c. everett koop

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Monday, February 25, 2013

stay away monday

it takes a b.a. to find a job as a file clerk

how hsbc bank hooked up with drug dealers and gangstersand got away with it

marc rubio is as unelectable as mitt romney

100% of elecrticity added in the u.s. last month was renewable

and rip the creator/designer of dr. who's foe, the daleks, raymond cusick
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Sunday, February 24, 2013

environmental news stories sunday

for those stories you didn't hear on the talking head shows....

the extraordinary science of addictive junk food. four years of investigative research and reporting revealed a conscious effort-- taking place in labs and marketing meetings and grocery-store aisles-- to get people hooked on foods that are convenient and inexpensive - nytimes

bp, halliburton, transocean, plaintiffs’ attorneys all prepare to face off in gulf oil spill trial. one of the biggest legal circuses on earth — the trial of bp over the extent of its responsibility for the 2010 gulf of mexico oil spill — is scheduled to open in new orleans on monday, featuring 34 leading lawyers in the jam-packed federal court and hundreds of others listening to video feeds in rooms nearby - wapo

british farming in crisis as crop losses from 'relentless' floods pile up woes. many farmers are quitting an industry hit by rain, disease and cheap imports - just as food security becomes a worldwide issue - london observer

thousands cut off as australian rivers peak. thousands of residents on the new south wales north coast remain cut off by floodwaters, though the worst of the crisis appears to be over. flood warnings are in place for 15 river systems from sydney to the queensland border - australia abc news

toxic vapors force google to shut two buildings close to its mountain view hq. google has been forced to evacuate staff from two buildings close to its mountain view hq in california due to toxic trichloroethylene vapors seeping up from the ground below, where it has leaked into the soil and polluted the groundwater - london daily mail

minnesota draining its supplies of water. many regions in the state have reached the point where people are using water - and then sending it downstream - faster than the rain and snow can replenish it. last year, minnesotans used a record amount of water, fueling a rising number of conflicts from the iron range to pipestone - star tribune

our taste for prawns is killing the sea. british supermarkets are selling prawns reared using a technique that is destroying vast swathes of the ocean’s ecosystem, according to an investigation by the celebrity cook hugh fearnley-whittingstall - the sunday times

lake powell may dry up within a few decade. some of the west’s biggest reservoirs could dry up completely as the region gets warmer and drier in coming decades, and major increases in storage capacity probably won’t help address regional water shortages, according to a new study - summit county - citizen's voice

wild weather brings floods, 'mini tornadoes.' a major storm system has left towns across eastern parts of the state battling floodwaters and triggered "mini tornadoes" that hit hundreds of homes across Sydney and the Illawarra region overnight - sydney morning herald

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skippy's sunday night music club

one more environmental song to end the week...this one, oscar nominated.

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oscar voices

watching the oscars.  shirley bassey sounded like a vague memory of shirley bassey, but barbra streisand still sounds really good.
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sunday bloody sunday

the rise and fall of prog-talk radio

meet 6 politicians getting rich from endless wars

picasso used common house paint

and be sure to fill out your brackets for pope madness 2013!
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Saturday, February 23, 2013

saturday night special

the public agrees with obama on the minimum wage

missouri bill redfines science and gives equal time to intelligent design

mississippi officially ratifies the end of slavery

rip otis singer with the temptations, otis "damon" harris

and happy 10th blogiversary to steve benen! steve has been a good friend to this blog sinc eway back in his carpet bagger days, and we are pleased as punch that he has made the big time now, working for rachel maddow!

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Friday, February 22, 2013

skippy's friday night music club

john denver was one songwriter who really understood and loved the outdoors...the environment.

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democratic state senator abruptly resigned today

to go work for chevron. jumps right into lobbying his former co-workers in your #wtf moment of the day.
state sen. michael rubio abruptly resigned friday to accept a position managing california governmental affairs for chevron corp., saying a desire to spend more time with his family motivated his decision to step down.

rubio, a moderate democrat who has launched a high-profile quest to overhaul the state's environmental review laws, said he had "missed too many family dinners, bedtime stories and parent-teacher conferences."

"i have realized that my current professional path has left little opportunity to be home for those who are most important to me, which is why I am making a change," he said in a statement.

while legislators routinely step down to take another public office or work in governmental relations after leaving the capitol, it is rare for a sitting lawmaker to resign to take a job in the private sector. - slo tribune
hope this bozo will realize that his new professional career path might leave little opportunity for his kids to live in a healthy environment.


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friday night fireside

ice thaw may be bad for polar bears

the case against vatican power

how a joke became a rumor, which became a "fact', that the entire right wing believes as true

laughter may be the best medicine, but it doesn't help financially: reader's digest is bankrupt
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

another evening of celebrating the environment musically.
as a kid, i was so inspired by jacques cousteau and john denver's song still gets me misty.

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but then, a week ago last thursday

tim tebow to speak at anti-gay, anti-semetic dallas church

obama polls at a 3-year high while republicans remain at the bottom

most terrorist plots in the u.s. are manufactured by the fbi

the company that ran the 'cruise from hell' pays almost no income tax
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

skippy's wednesday night music club

continuing with the environmental songs theme. who can forget this one?

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day of rememberance

was yesterday. did you remember? we all should.
the "day of remembrance" is an annual commemoration of feb. 19, 1942, a day that changed the lives of japanese-americans forever. citing concerns about wartime sabotage and espionage, president franklin d. roosevelt signed an order that led to the internment of more than 110,000 people of japanese ancestry at 10 camps scattered across seven states. - san jose mercury news
executive order 9066 signed by then president franklin d. roosevelt in 1942 authorized the evacuation and incarceration of 120,000 persons of japanese ancestry, living on the west coast. it eventually applied to one third the land area of the u.s. of the japanese people held in internment camps 62% were american born children of japanese immigrants. that order remained in place until it was rescinded by president gerald r. ford in 1976 - south seattle community college

look closely at many of the still photos used in this video. they were taken by ansel adams, who did an amazing series of photos from manzanar and published a book about it. did you remember?

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a place at the table

1/4 of all kids in the U.S. face hunger every day.
we should make sure that every kid in america has a place at the table...to eat.  

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wednesday night prayer

every gun death in america since sandy hook

drones: be afraid. be very afraid

will obama cut medicare? probably

and here's the dowager countess's top twelve zingers to date

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

be gentle with the earth...she is just so fragile.

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thousands marched for the environment in dc

why shouldn't 100,000 dolphins "march" for the environment too?
were those thousands of dolphins who churned the coastal waters into a vast swath of sea foam just having a presidents day party closer to shore than usual? or, as some observers suggest, is all this unusual marine mammal activity a hint that some major disturbance is afoot in the oceans? - christian science monitor

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yes...al gore


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everything's tuesday

war on terror leaves 6,500 americans with severe brain injuries

22 veterans commit suicide every day

homicides increase by 25% when background check law was repealed in missouri

and rip creator of underdog and tennessee tuxedo, buck biggens

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Monday, February 18, 2013

st. monday

trust in fox news falls to a four-year low

are gun company stocks in your investment portfolio?

police chief investigated for calling a woman a piece of sh*t scum sucking baby killing bitch on facebook

and rip country singer mindy mccready
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Sunday, February 17, 2013

skippy's sunday night music club

these week...songs with environmental themes.

"cuz i love that dirty water...ah oh boston...you're my home."


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environmental news stories sunday

those stories you probably didn't hear about on the talking head shows this morning....even through there was a massive march on dc...and around the country....#forwardonclimate.

modesto, turlock irrigation districts aren't studying climate change. those in charge of california's tuolumne river have spent millions of dollars defending water rights and will spend millions more. but efforts to address a very real, potentially dangerous long-term threat to the river's source -- climate change -- amount to a virtual trickle - modesto bee

enviros urged to reckon with california voter demographics. “no new legislation on environmental protection will be passed without the backing of latino, asian and black lawmakers,” says irma r. muñoz of mujeres de la tierra, a community organization that works with families to improve environmental conditions in the los angeles area. new america media. - new american media

climate change threatens us agriculture: usda report. american farmers and ranchers are facing increasing risks to their livelihoods as a result of climate change, according to a recent report from the us department of agriculture - international business times

find out exactly how healthy you’re eating, from your phone. gopure is an app that lets you know if the restaurant you’re thinking about eating in uses local food, genetically modified ingredients, and even compostable take-out containers - fast company

flood cover rises to unaffordable levels. thousands of australians are facing soaring insurance premiums for flood cover, forcing many to ditch protection even as the risk of extreme weather increases - sydney morning herald

murky rationale on tainted taps. sydney water has been accused of covering up the real cause of a surge of contaminated drinking water that was pumped into hundreds of homes, causing serious symptoms including vomiting and dizziness - sydney morning news

secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial think tanks - grist

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sunday best

the dehumanization of education

hate and hashtags: twitter's speech problem

the crony capitalist blow-oit

20 words we owe william shakespeare
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

skippy's saturday night music club

although not "technically" a musical opening, this has influenced the country's vernacular in amazing ways. and  if you hum those few musical bars...people get what you're "talking" about.

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saturday night shoot out

on the gop: you can redesign the cereal box, but if what you are selling is rat poison, no one is going to buy it

black family accuses disneyland character of refusing to touch their kids

work stress cancer link now in doubt

why u.s. internet access is slow, costly and unfair
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Friday, February 15, 2013

skippy's friday night music club

one of the classic tv show openings that still sounds "fresh."

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friday night fever

rational speaking, we are all apocalyptic

10 pro-gun myths fact checked

organizations with ties to hate groups are trying to influence immigration policy

skeeters - the republican faux scandal outrage of the day
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

valentine's day version of tv theme songs. ok...i know...i know...you probably won't admit to remembering this classic tv show opening...but we know better.

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the teabaggers and gop have issues

no. really. serious sexual hangups.

they've made a tape on their newest perverse notion. taking libby scotter's beastly idea a bit further down the seriously wrong road.

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shallow, willfully ignorant and unserious

yeah...that just about wraps up republicans. that's why...more than ever...they can not be trusted to handle the issues that face our country.
it’s been clear, at least since the 2012 election, that the republican party has abrogated its role—really, abandoned any interest—in shaping or seriously discussing american foreign policy. but only recently has this indifference shifted into toxic territory, and on tuesday the fumes formed a poisonous cloud, the likes of which hadn’t been witnessed in decades. - slate
...there are some potentially serious short- and long-term consequences to all of this, which should worry both parties. if republicans are actually able to derail hagel with a filibuster, it would shatter tradition and might lead to similar filibusters in the future – both for obama’s nominees and for nominees of future presidents from both parties. - salon

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blackouts on thursday

the good intentions that pave the road to war

new bill would let states legalize marijuana

the gop's obsession with guns might drive women to the polls in 2014

do religious conservatives make lousy tippers?
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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

skippy's wednesday night music club

another memorable tv show opening...

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amgen tour...de criminal force

you probably didn't hear much about this story....but bill moyers shines some light on how amgen is pooching the taxpayers.
at the top of the show, bill digs deeper into a startling new york times-reported story about a cost-control exception provided to amgen, the world’s largest biotechnology firm. according to the report, the sweetheart deal — hidden in the senate’s final “fiscal cliff” bill — will cost taxpayers half a billion dollars. bill talks to u.s. representative peter welch (d-vt) about the bi-partisan bill he recently sponsored to repeal that giveaway, and the political factors that allow such crony capitalism to occur. - bill moyers & company

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wednesday night hop

labor unions file suit challenging michigan's right-to-work laws

mixing alcohol with diet soda may make you drunker

california leads the nation in job creation

oh no! not the iron!
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in all fairness

after the state of the union address by a wannabee reagan and the two, count them two rebuttals by republicans i would like to hear from at least one democrat. why do politicians think only rich people deserve a fair shake and not hard working americans who actually pay taxes and make this country a nice place to live?


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

skippy's tuesday night music club

well. looks like i am on a theme for this week's music club selections. another memorable tv musical opening.

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you just knew it would be on twitter

rubio's water bottle.

i say it's "gulp" fiction.

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one supreme court case to watch carefully

the future food supply, and living organisms, may depend upon the outcome.
monsanto sued small famers to protect seed patents, report says. agricultural giant has won more than $23m from its targets, but one case is being heard at supreme court this month - the guardian

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22 members of the gop

who think it's ok to beat the c*** out of women.

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know where your meat comes from?

or what kind of meat it "really" is. yea...or neigh?
during 1981, an incident involving the importation of mislabeled and adulterated meat from australia resulted in fsis detaining and sampling nearly 66 million pounds of boneless beef from that country. shipments labeled as beef were found to contain horsemeat and kangaroo meat. the problem was traced to plants in the state of victoria, and most of the product has been cleared and allowed to enter u.s. commercial channels.- marlerblog

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especially for you groovy tuesday

the koch brothers started the tea party way back in 2002

speaking of new lows, lakes michigan and huron record lowest water levels ever

busting the myth that christians are more generous than non-believers

mother chambers round in semi-automatic handgun during argument at chuck e. cheese
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happy mardi gras!

laissez les bon temps roulez! and don't forget to check out nola.com webcams!


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Monday, February 11, 2013

say hello

to the talking hub
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skippy's monday night music club

i've been thinking about the opening music to tv shows.  one of the most memorable tv show musical openings still gets the heart rate up....

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i was recently laid off

from my job here in santa barbara, ca.....but when i got this in the mail from the unemployment peeps, i wondered what state i lived in.

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love your planet? stand up for it.

ForwardOnClimateRally Logo.jpg

join food & water watch, 350.org and sierra club for the forward on climate rally in los angeles. across the united states, people are rallying on february 17 to demand action on stopping climate change.

forward on climate rally 
sunday, february 17 at 1:00 p.m. 
olvera street, 845 n alameda st., los angeles, ca  

join these organizations and other green leaning peeps presidents day weekend as we stand in solidarity to block the keystone xl tar sands pipeline and fight climate change. we will march in downtown to deliver the message that we need to take a stand and solve the climate crisis.

rsvp to join us at the forward on climate rally in los angeles!

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rainy monday

no austerity has helped any economy

cardinal mahoney used cemetery money to pay sex abuse settlement

new species of fish discovered in new zealand

the old south's last desperate stand

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

skippy's sunday night music club

i find the opening musical sequence from house of cards to be really beautiful.
the soundtrack to the series is great, as is the series itself.


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so hungry you could eat a horse

well, if you are in europe, chances are, you just might have.
on sunday, supermarkets across britain, france and wweden began pulling millions of packages of beef lasagna, spaghetti, burgers and dozens of other products from their shelves after tests showed some contained up to 100 per cent horsemeat. - globe and mail

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why we are not following "the following"

nobody likes good tv as much as we do, and nobody is as thrilled with the evolution of long-form story-telling on television as we are. add that to the fact that mrs. skippy loves kevin bacon, and we were incredibly excited to see the new fox tv series starring mr. bacon, known as "the following."

 photo following.jpg

"the following" which airs on mondays nights on fox-tv, tells the tale of an imprisoned serial killer played by james purefoy, who manages to communicate with his cultish acolytes on the outside to manipulate them into gruesome, bloody and shocking murders at his behest, like some sort of cross between charles manson and hannibal lecter. bacon plays the fbi agent who originally caught purefoy's character, and is now back on the case to try to figure out...wait for it..."the following."

now, we have no problem with explicit violence in service of a good scary or interesting story. we think breaking bad is one of the greatest pieces of popular entertainment of all time, and we are big fans of dexter, justified, and the walking dead as well. but the difference between those afore-mentioned shows, and "the following," is simply this: "the following" sucks.

and it sucks in a big, big way. firstly, all the cops are really, really stupid. secondly, all the bad guys are really, really smart, and really, really evil. and that's about it. what other, little characterization there is seems to be lifted wholesale from a thousand previous police procedurals (bacon's character is world-weary! and alcoholic! purefoy's character is charismatic! and handsome! the black guy gets killed! almost right away!).

but wait! there's explicit violence, just like on those cable shows! stabbings! immolations! eye-gouging! and all in the name of edgar allen poe, who is supposedly the inspiration for all these killings, in the worst mis-reading of the works of american literary giant since disney animated the legend of sleepy hollow.

the problem with all this gore-nography, as we call it, is that there's nothing else very interesting in the show to hang it on, which is not the case with those other programs. breaking bad isn't about drug dealers killing each other; it's an intricate study of the moral breakdown of a man already being beaten by the system. dexter isn't about slicing people up, it's a complicated analysis of the definitions of good and evil within each of us, asking if the indulgence of one can serve the other. and walking dead has zombies, so...

we expected so much more from kevin williamson, the creator and executive producer of the following. williamson wrote the scream films, which happily played with the tropes of horror movies even as they worked as a horror movies themselves. but in the following, williamson doesn't do anything with horror/serial killer tropes, other than steal them from thomas harris and criminal minds. even ryan murphy at least has fun juggling horror tropes around in american horror story. williamson seems to be writing this crap in his sleep, or else farming it out to some junior high creative writing class somewhere.

last week's episode was a prime example: the fbi followed (no pun intended) the clues to a specific individual's house. he wasn't home, but his wife was. the fbi interrogated her and decided she didn't know anything about the murderous cult her husband was involved with. now, at this point, we literally shouted at the tv "yeah, sure she doesn't! like paterno didn't know about sandusky!" but the fbi let her go back to her house, and sent one agent (the afore-mentioned one black guy in the cast) to guard her. even worse, he felt really safe turning his back on her in the kitchen where they keep all those knives and cutting implements. well, if you couldn't see his extremely bloody death coming a mile away, then we've got an original story about killing a man and hiding his still-beating heart under the floorboards to sell you.

there is something to be said for the subplot of two straight (bad) guys who pretended to be gay to get close to the ex-wife of purefoy's character in order to kidnap her son, only to later realize that maybe they liked being gay, but there's an evil girl involved who doesn't like them being gay, so she stabs one guy, who goes out and kidnaps an innocent lady and beats her up and keeps her in the basement. well, ok, there's really nothing to be said for that subplot, now that we write it out and look at it.

we are sorrier than you know to say this show is a turkey. we like to think that television has entered a second golden, or at least a silver, age of story-telling, with shows that demand actual attention paid by its audience, and multiple views of every episode to suss out the nuance and layers of human interaction. lost, the sopranos, fringe, as well as the shows mentioned above, are great examples of complex, substantive examinations of human folly.

"the following" is just a pale imitation, a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing. if you ask us if we are going to keep watching it, we'd quote poe's raven.

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environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories you probably didn't hear bandied about on the talking head shows this morning....but should have.

brazil building more dams across amazon. brazil is undertaking one of the world’s largest public works projects, one that will cost more than $150 billion and harness the force of this continent’s great rivers. the objective is to help the country of 199 million people achieve what brazilian leaders call its destiny - wapo

bangladesh faces mass migration, loss of land from climate change. rising sea levels could flood 17 percent of bangladesh – or erode the land – and create between 20 million and 30 million refugees, experts say - toronto star

exclusive: fsa accused over tainted horsemeat sent to europe. the food standards agency was accused of a shambolic handling of the escalating horsemeat scandal last night, after it emerged that it is failing to stop exports of carcasses that could contain a banned drug harmful to humans - the independent

genetically modified apples raise concerns. apple industry groups have submitted testimony opposing the application to deregulate the genetically modified apple that does not brown when the apple is cut or bitten into - yakima herald

usda climate study sees dire future for agriculture. climate change could have a drastic and harmful effect on u.s. agriculture, forcing farmers and ranchers to alter where they grow crops and costing them millions of additional dollars needed to tackle weeds, pests and diseases - des moines register

minnesota moose population plummets, activists blame climate. the population of moose in northeastern minnesota dropped by 35 percent since last year, prompting state officials to cancel this year's fall hunt and conservationists to blame warming temperatures for the massive creature's decline - reuters

numbers so far show records broken across the region. tallies from the weather channel, the associated press and other sources show snow storm records broken across the nine-state region whacked by blizzard 2013 over the weekend - christian science monitor

desalination: costly drops. removing salt from seawater might help slake some of northern china’s thirst, but it comes at a high price. desalinating water uses enormous amounts of energy, which comes mainly from highly polluting coal - economist

utah wants residents input on low-fume hair gels, cleaners. utahns will soon be able to comment on plans for new limits on pollution-causing fumes from household cleaners and other liquids, gels and creams - salt lake tribune

san onofre's problematic generators. ratepayers and the public deserve to know more about who knew what and when concerning the nuclear plant's problematic steam generators - latimes

no more toxic pesticides, we can grow safe ones from mushrooms. biopesticides grown from fungi, insects, or other plants, are starting to replace chemical pesticides as a less poisonous (for people, that is) way to keep crops insect-free - fast company

california comeback gets help from america's biggest oil field. california’s revival comes thanks to a combination of factors: silicon valley, a surging housing market and oil. california, believe it or not, could soon become the u.s.’s biggest oil producer, topping north dakota and even texas- mccleans

man's relationship with nature gone wrong: expert. at 78, jane goodall, who has 53 years of studying chimps behind her, is still criss-crossing the planet to raise the awareness of populations and their leaders on the fate of the apes and the need to protect the environment - afp

 and then...there is "nemo" of the fish varietal.

losing nemo: great barrier reef at risk from coal. coral reefs already have a lot on their plate: now, it seems, the big momma of all reefs, australia's great barrier reef, is also under siege by fossil fuel development being pushed by the recently elected conservative queensland state government - mother jones

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gung hay fat choy

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sunday barbeque

dangerous gun myths

navy exercises threaten the lives of 31 million marine mammals

twitter is a better predictor of the flu than the cdc

asteroid will pass by earth closer than the moon and orbiting satellites on feb. 15

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Saturday, February 09, 2013

skippy's saturday night music club

grammy's memorable moments edition #1

the king of pop

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saturday night riot

87% of americans say tax the wealthy more to protect social security

the u.s.has had one mass shooting oer month since 2009

another good argument in favor of gun control: suicide

is mr. rogers' neighborhood the greatest tv show ever? we say, yes
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Friday, February 08, 2013

skippy's friday night music club

grammy's memorable moments edition #2(s)

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friday night blues

americans care less about sarah palin than ever before

geraldo rivera for senator??

can hillary turn texas blue?

never fire an employee and leave them in charge of the corporate twitter account

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Thursday, February 07, 2013

skippy's thursday night music club

grammys memorable moment edition.#3

whitney houston - 1994

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no water no power

how's that going to work out for you, texas.
as drought continues, texans’ thirst for electricity is drawing down supplies of the water needed to quench it. - fuelfix

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the super bowl ad that cbs scrapped

because it "dissed" game day sponsors pepsi and coca-cola.

p.s. - i love my soda stream.

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any given thursday

please, mr. postman...the us post office to suspend saturday delivery

the nra has an enemies list

why "all government is bad"...is bad

the idea that computers would replace phonographs for playing music was predicted in 1972...by archie comics

and rip creator of yoda, chewbacca and others, british make-up artist stuart freeborn
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diabetic supreme court justice

brought to you by high fructose sugar loaded soda pop company.
a long-running dispute between yale university and some of its alumni over the university’s connections to pepsico, the giant beverage and snack company, has — in a way — reached the supreme court.

pepsico is sponsoring a conference in april for women who attended yale, and justice sonia sotomayor, a graduate of yale law school, is scheduled to make remarks, to the dismay of some alumni. - nytimes


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the new profit game on wall street

banksters buying back homes to rent back to their owners.
every day, it seems a new report comes out praising the ongoing housing recovery. in georgia, home prices are up 5 percent over last year, a year in which we also had one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. seems a little odd, doesn’t it? don't foreclosures usually drive down the market?

that’s because the housing “recovery,” as they’re calling it, is fueled almost entirely by wall street private equity firms, hedge funds and the fed's unwavering support. after creating a massive bubble in home prices that eventually burst and caused our economy to go into a tailspin, these guys have decided to come back for more, and figured out a way to profit off their destruction -- by turning foreclosed homes into rentals and securitizing the rental income. - alternet

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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

wednesday night

tim geithner saved wall street, not the economy

some stats on guns and domestic violence

nearly one half of americans are one financial shock away from poverty

cash leaking out of 401(k) plans at an alarming rate
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cocaine in spain

doesn't stay mainly in the plane.
spanish police have seized 4.1 metric tons (4.5 tons) of cocaine with an estimated street value of €252 million ($340 million) — the biggest confiscation of the drug arriving to the nation since 2001. - wapo

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Tuesday, February 05, 2013

early on tuesday

5 creepy new ways the police can intrude on your rights

the justice dept. plans to sue standard & poor's for fraudulent ratings that led to the mortgage meltdown

wanted: obama death panelists

judd apatow's star wars
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Monday, February 04, 2013

rainy days and mondays

man w/4th amendment written on his chest wins trial over airport arrest

ending corporate tax dodging would cut the deficit twice as much as raising medicare age

stoner mice eat marijuana in police evidence locker

first you have gun control, then...death beagles
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Sunday, February 03, 2013

skippy's sunday night music club

well. my beloved 49ers know what it's like to miss (catches in) new orleans.

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b.a.d. vibrations


better late than never for blogroll amnesty day:

onyx lynx

and a couple of blogs happily acknowledged swimming in the wake of blogroll amnesty day, and promise to participate at a future time:

strangely blogged

musings from the squirrel cage
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We Interrupt B.A.D. Festivites for a Personal Note...

Baseball lost a piece of history yesterday, as my great-aunt Edith died, about a week shy of what would have been her 101st birthday.

Reference articles here, here, and here.
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b.a.d. to the bone

 photo blogrollamnestyday_letsgogirls.jpg

more fun with blogroll amnesty day!

elayne riggs

brilliant at breakfast (from whom we lifted the above graphic, and she in turn got it from dr. zauis)

and we are always happy when blogroll amnesty day helps us discover voices whom we have heretofore never heard before. participating this year for the first time is an economist blog from new zealand, groping towards bethlehem
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breaking b.a.d.

Bad6 Tiny photo BAD6Tiny_zps825cb77c.jpg

yet more participants for blogroll amnesty day! yay!

the rectification of names (from whom we borrowed the title of this post)

pruning shears


fabulously jinxed

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sunday and me

dumb media (abortion edition)

the u.s. has the worst health of nearly all indistrialized countries

republicans decide the answer to their problems is to screw america over with a smile

er visits tied to energy drinks doubles in 4 years
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Saturday, February 02, 2013

b.a.d. dog!

 photo ZenComixBAD.jpg

more blogroll amnesty day participants!

big bad bald bastard

the jinxed daily

zen comix (from whom we stole the above cartoon!)
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the b.a.d. old days

Large Bad2 photo BAD2-1.jpg

more blogs celebrating blogroll amnesty day!

cheyanne's campsite

ornery bastard

vagabond scholar

empire of the senseless
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saturday night party

texas public school teaching kids that jews practice a "flawed religion" and blacks are "decended from ham"

is ptsd contageous?

dad charged with terrorist threats after pointing ak-47 rifle at daughter for getting b's instead of a's

25 things cats are secretly obsessed with

rip former nyc mayor ed koch and, more importantly, barney, the bush's white house dog
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Friday, February 01, 2013

skippy's friday night music club

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b.a.d. to the bone!

the first blogroll amnesty day posts are in!

herlander walking

our own ken houghton @ the angry bear

addendum: the great ten grain @
mock, paper, scissors

be sure to email us a link to your own b.a.d. post!

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the al weisel/jon swift memorial blogroll amnesty day #6

Bad6 Big photo BAD6_zps86d6ee2f.jpg

yes, friends, once again it's time to celebrate the memory of our dear friend al weisel, aka jon swift, who (along with this blog) originated the concept of blogroll amnesty day back in 2008.

this is the sixth blogroll amnesty day celebration, and, unfortunately, the third without al.

so let's stroll back a couple of years for the exposition:

once again, it's time for our yearly celebration of blogroll amnesty day!

readers of this space know that b.a.d. is the holiday wherein we ask everyone in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase) to link to 5 smaller blogs w/less traffic than theirs (no bad jokes about no blogs having less traffic than yours, please).

this way we all can introduce our readers to new voices in blogtopia (and yes, we coined that phrase)' as well as giving greater exposure to blogs which may otherwise go unnoticed.

of course, the impetus for this whole ordeal originated w/our dearly departed friend, the legendary jon swift, aka al weisel, who was quite upset by the original blogroll bloodbath and self-amnesty declaration by those big box blogs who shall not be named.

al, in his guise as conservative blogger jon swift, wondered why so-called liberal blogs would have the least liberal blogrolling policies. we here at skippy international joined al/jon in his mock self-righteousness, and thus, four years ago b.a.d. was born!

to begin this year's festivities, we'll let our other partner in this endeavor, blue gal, introduce some ground rules:
small and newbie bloggers please be aware of the ironclad rule that you are not allowed to make "hey no blog is as small as mine" jokes regarding blogroll amnesty day. the rule is, straight from the queen of the indy blogs herself (ahem), that you are not allowed to complain or mention your blog's low traffic until you have been posting daily for a year. if you're little, link other blogs that are new or still growing their audience, and encourage them to practice their craft daily. then, show them how.
truthfully. not only is the "there are no blogs smaller than mine" joke unoriginal, it's not funny, and is seriously whiny. unless you have a blog with literally zero traffic, which means that even you don't bother to read it, then you can bet there are blogs with traffic smller than yours. be a mensch. find them. link to them. help each other out.

one two more favors: you may write this post any time during this four-day festivus, but when you do, please forward a link of it to us, and we'll happily include it in one of several posts we'll be doing all thu-out the celebration.

also, if you would be so kind, please include a link to this very blog post in your own. last year we actually got a headline @ memeorandum (here), and, truth be told, we're itching for another.
so the rules are pretty simple: link to 5 smaller blogs than your own, and send a link to that post to us. that's all there is to it!
Small Bad2 photo BAD2-2-1.jpg

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friday night at the drive-in bingo

fake protestors paid $20 to stand at anti-wind energy rally

kansas couple busted for selling gun show weaponsout of beauty salon

the black keys have sued 3 advertisers for plagiarism

never mind mitt romney, what happened to clint eastwood's chair?
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