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Monday, January 14, 2013

on a monday

following current tv deal, al gore is now richer than mitt romney

do our brains work better out of doors away from technology?

first antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea detected in north america

christopher tolkein says peter jackson 'eviscerated' his father's work
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Some people can't figure out that books and movies are different media and have different requirements. That's why books are "adapted" to film, not just filmed. That's why you have to write a script rather than extract all the dialogue and directions from the book. As for Christopher Toline, I feel kind of sorry for him. Yes, his father left him a great legacy to admire, and he's made a fine living from it, but that's all that guy seems ever to have had. He's the guardian of his father's legacy. As a writer he falls far short of his father and I am certain that he's been told that enough to hurt him emotionally because that seems to happen to all the lesser sons of greater sires who go into their fathers' lines of work. How would you like to be perennial minor league third baseman Jeff Nettles (I used to watch him play for the Somerset Patriots, managed by Sparky Lyle, and Jeff was definitely a solid minor league third baseman, but his dad should be in the HoF just for his fielding in the 1978 World Series).
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"Tolkien", not "Toline". Damn fingers! Damn keyboard! Damn you Sauron!
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