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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Going Full Circle from Economics to Sports and Back

One of the ways Paul Krugman figured out that there just might be a Stock Market Bubble in the late 1990s was an obvious one--the bars and restaurants that generally show Sports programming even in the middle of the afternoon had switched to Bloomberg or CNBC (described, rather accurately, as the merger of NBC with the letter "C.").

Now, a decade later, Bloomberg Television and Radio are making a heavy pitch to be the broadcasters of the Brooklyn Nets.

Sports Bubble, anyone?  Arsène Wegner may have had bad timing (not to mention a poor view of history and possibly talent), but when a financial network decides that investing in sports will not dilute its brand, the only reasonable answers are fungibility or bubble.

Maybe Atrios's "dog track" mantra is more accurate than anyone cares to admit.
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