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Thursday, December 20, 2012

wsj lies about education: in which i name names

on december 6, 2012, the wall street journal published the following completely false article under stephanie banchero's byline:  students fall flat in vocabulary test. kevin drum wrote about banchero's distortions at the time, but banchero never corrected her article, which was absurdly backwards, whether because banchero deliberately lied or is ignorant I cannot say.

i commented in the wall street journal's comments section for that article at the time.  my comment is no longer on the site.  not only are the wall street journal and stephanie banchero not to be trusted, but they apparently remove comments that contradict their false hoods.  i have tried to locate an email or other address for the wall street journal's ombudsperson, but i haven't been able to find one.

update: found the wsj corrections address, so i wrote to that address.
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