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Thursday, December 20, 2012

thursday 11

the top 3% of small businesses are not job creators

great lakes levels low enough to reveal old shipwrecks

the mayans did not predict the apocalypse

pictures of snowflakes, right before they melt

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The Mayan Calendar article begins:
"The Internet has been abuzz with rumors that the world will end - or at least be transformed - on Friday, December 21"

The author of that article, one Jerome Socolovsky, fails to mention that it was not "the Internet" that started all of this. As usual, it was the mainstream media that pushed the apocalyptic meme (the film 2012), and only when the mainstream media had hyped the story to death did it get much attention on the Internet. Most of the attention it got on the Internet has been to debunk the nonsense. Naturally, Socolovsky cites nothing to support his claim of the Internet being "abuzz", unless he means the mainstream media presence on the Internet. I find his article to be deeply dishonest. In debunking the apocalyptic nonsense, Socolovsky mentions that only about two percent of the country takes it seriously, which is less than the number of people who think Barak Obama is a Muslim. In so doing, Socolovsky essentially tells us that his opening sentence is a lie.
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