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Saturday, December 29, 2012

saturday night fish fry

failure to prosecute bank fraud is what's really destroying the economy

the racist origins of the second amendment

fbi monitored occupy wall street, records show

5 cartoons about the fiscal cliff
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The second amendment was about the desire of the founders for us to never have a large standing army. The kings of Europe had large standing armies & used them to dominate their nation and start needless was. The founders didn't want that but wanted a large number of militias ready to defend the country. This would not work in todays world but our needlessly large army does cause us to fight wars we don't need.

The use of militias to prepare for slave uprisings does not come up for another 40-50 years.
commented by Blogger frankly, 6:09 PM PST  
More than just making incentives to further economic crime,
the FBI finds time to persecute anyone that complains.

Back in the old days, America made the bankers
pay for their own paramilitaries.
commented by Anonymous nobody, 9:11 AM PST  

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