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Monday, December 17, 2012

pro-murder dead-enders

the dead-enders are out in force.  "waaaah! second amendment."  "waaaah!  politicizing tragedy!"  "waaaah!  the teachers should have all been armed!"  anything to change the subject and avoid responsibility for their part in murdering children.

the debate is over.  it ended the moment twenty 6 and 7 year old children died in a classroom in newton, connecticut.  the next time someone tries to argue for their "gun rights", let them to go to the graves of those twenty children and tell it to those kids.  if those children climb out of the ground to march on washington in support of "gun rights", the "gun rights" argument has merit.  if those children remain in the ground, the "gun rights" argument is dead too.
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Newtown, not Newton.
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The Federal government should enact one standard for the country because we can't let this happen again. We need a Patriot Act for gun control. Even liberals will support that.
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