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Friday, December 14, 2012

maryjane--will the feds lighten up now?

yes, colorado and washington passed laws legalizing recreational use of marijuana, so why is the federal government not getting with the program, especially when the president himself admits he used to smoke a doob now and then?  at a party last week, i asked my peers how many of them had ever tried marijuana.  every single person there answered in the affirmative, and every one admitted that at least one of their parents had tried it.   the party attendees were all in their mid-fifties to mid-sixties, and most of our parents who tried it had served in or been alive during world war ii, so it isn't like our folks were flower children.  what's the hubbub?

the hubbub has not been politics, i believe, but simply that the united states is a signatory to the single convention on narcotic drugs of 1961, an international treaty.  the feds can't legally support marijuana legalization without withdrawing from that treaty, which isn't a simple thing at all.  still, you can have laws that you don't enforce.  that would be the simplest way to get around the treaty.

this morning i was pleased to read that president obama says prosecution of 420-friendly citizens in colorado and washington will not be a priority.  finally some sense is coming to the federal position on marijuana.  the fact is, prosecution of marijuana user has been more frequent under the obama administration than under the bush administration.  i still blame bush, of course, because a)he was the worst president ever and b) the federal prosecutors who have been busting dispensaries in california, for instance, were bush appointees.  here's hoping they pay attention to the president's priorities.
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bama said the same awhile back and then the feds came into Colorado and raised hell with some state approved dispensaries.

Part of 64 here allows municipalities to opt out and refuse to allow the sale of it. Many are enjoying doing this.
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