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Friday, December 07, 2012

less than zero dark thirty

brett easton ellis, best known for writing the book american psycho (and not much else), took to twitter to put down director kathryn bigelow. zap2it:

bret easton ellis, who made headlines earlier this year for his matt bomer twitter tirade and defending paris hilton's anti-gay remarks, proved wednesday that he's an equal opportunity offender. the author, best known for "american psycho," slams "zero dark thirty" director, kathryn bigelow, this time.

"kathryn bigelow would be considered a mildly interesting filmmaker if she was a man but since she's a very hot woman she's really overrated," posts the writer of lindsay lohan's "the canyons."
kathryn would be considered mildy interesting if she was a man, but since she's a hot woman she's really overrated? funny that's just what we thought about brett easton ellis!

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