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Sunday, December 30, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

it's not the fiscal cliff we need to worry about....it's the ecological climate cliff that will really pooch us.
(reminder to the whiny congresscritters - you can't have a healthy economy if you don't have a healthy populace and healthy environment.)

threats to clean water today. the clean water act has had considerable success over 40 years, but now it faces challenges such as crumbling infrastructure, stormwater overflows, agricultural runoff and lack of enforcement. - living on earth

epa faces legal battles, might take easy confirmation road. regardless of who takes the reins, the u.s. environmental protection agency will likely face continued legal battles in president barack obama's second term as it tries to finalize pollution rules for power plants, analysts said -reuters

as biodiversity declines, tropical diseases thrive. a new paper is a reminder that ecology has a pretty big say in whether pathogens thrive or die off. using a statistical model, researchers predicted that countries that lose biodiversity will have a heavier burden of vector-borne and parasitic diseases - npr

why climate change matters in delaware. a no-name rainstorm that blew through delaware on thursday flooded 40 homes behind an 8-foot high seawall at bayview beach along the delaware river south of wilmington – causing more damage to the little hamlet than did superstorm sandy - wilmington news journal

greens confront own need for diversity. the republican party isn’t the only political force that has a diversity problem. environmental activists say their own movement needs to step up its game if it wants to play much bigger in washington - politico

wood-burning fireplaces may be causing significant health problems for central valley residents. there aren’t many scenes filled with more comfort or nostalgia than curling up on the sofa in front of a warm, crackling flame burning merrily away in a fireplace, especially if the weather is stormy. but that open wood-burning fire could be killing you - lodi news sentinel

extreme weather 101: climate change and precipitation. when it rains, it pours. that’s how we may want to think about the effects of climate change on precipitation - climate central

extreme weather 101: drought & our changing climate. drought has left huge swaths of the united states parched this year. are these dry conditions simply a fluke, or something we many need to get used to in a warming world? - climate central

officials worry that agriculture community will bear burden of water shortages. global warming and increased demand for water by urban and municipal users make shortages of the colorado river inevitable, according to a recently-released study by the bureau of reclamation and the seven colorado river basin states - imperial valley press

mississippi river water levels lowest in decades, threaten shipping. the drought that devastated crops throughout the midwest this summer has made the mighty mississippi dangerously narrow and shallow, threatening to choke off a vital transportation artery that carries billions of dollars of raw materials and commodities through the heart of the country - chicago tribune

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