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Sunday, December 02, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those little pesky stories you probably didn't hear on the talking bobble head shows this morning. and, isn't amazing that with all this talk about saddling an anemic economy and financial burden on our kids and grandkids, not one politician stood up and asked what type of environment we wanted to leave our heirs.

sad, really.

fern lake fire doubles in size overnight to more than 3,500 acres. the fern lake fire, burning in rocky mountain national park since oct. 9, more than doubled in size overnight friday, forcing the evacuation of 583 homes early saturday - denver post

renewable energy laws in cross-hairs of conservative groups. renewable energy advocates made an unsuccessful push last year to expand missouri’s green power law and help lessen the state’s dependence on fossil fuels - st. louis post dispatch

sweden: the land of the rising coastline. in contrast to worries from the maldives to manhattan of storm surges and higher ocean levels caused by climate change, the entire northern part of the nordic region is rising and, as a result, the baltic sea is receding. - reuters

anti-fracking activists drill home message with parliament protests. anti-fracking activists plan to erect a mock drilling rig outside the houses of parliament as part of a series of protests on saturday against the controversial technique to extract shale gas. - the guardian

dept. of justice mysteriously quits monsanto antritrust investigation. the doj ended the investigation into possible anticompetitive practices by monsanto in the u.s. seed market without taking any action—and did so with a near-complete lack of public information. the doj didn't even see fit to mark the investigation's end with a press release - mother jones

megastorms could drown massive portions of california. portions of california's central valley have dropped 30 feet in elevation because of extensive groundwater pumping, making those areas even more prone to flooding. huge flows of vapor in the atmosphere, dubbed "atmospheric rivers," have unleashed massive floods every 200 years, and climate change could bring more of them - scientific american

uk may give frackers tax breaks. days after refusing to commit to a target for reduction of carbon emissions, chancellor of the exchequer for the united kingdom, george osborne, is expected to announce tax breaks for shale gas companies - wired

clean-up chemical made bp deepwater horizon oil spill 52 times more toxic - treehugger

medications, pesticides still seep into river. medications, pesticides and hormones are emptying into the st. lawrence river from montreal’s water-treatment plant, but a new disinfection system that would remove significant amounts of those substances won’t be up and running until 2015 - montreal gazette

epa tells judge it will impose stricter water pollution standards on florida. fourteen years after the federal government acknowledged that florida had a serious water pollution problem, the u.s. environmental protection agency on friday agreed to impose new pollution rules to clean up the state's algae-choked waterways — but it may have created a new mess - tampa bay times

pharmaceuticals difficult to treat in drinking water. the emerging threat of pharmaceuticals, everyday chemicals and personal care products in drinking water may be the most difficult that water treatment plants have faced - great lake echo

bottled water on thanksgiving menu in tainted california region. jessica sanchez couldn't use the tap water for cooking Thanksgiving dinner because east orosi, calif., is one of many central valley farm communities where the supply is tainted – by nitrates, arsenic or bacteria traced to decades of agricultural runoff. - latimes

did you save some turkey fat? other oils? some people are aware that our thanksgiving effluent has potential as biofuel. and as it turns out, several cities across the united states are running public or privately run fat, oil, and grease recycling drives. - latimes

fracked beef: it's what's for dinner? while many communities investigate what we drink and breathe for answers, one new report from the nation and the food & environment reporting network highlights a key yet overlooked complication – fracking chemicals could affect our food - mother jones

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