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Tuesday, December 04, 2012

disabled gop commentator charles krauthammer

wonder how he feels knowing the current crop of gop could really care less about the rights of the disabled.

the senate has failed to ratify an international treaty intended to protect the rights of those with disabilities, as a bloc of conservatives opposed the treaty believing it could interfere with u.s. law. - wapo

originally signed by then-president george w. bush in 2006 and re-signed by president barack obama in 2009 shortly after he took office, the treaty has been championed by former sen. bob dole (r-ks), the one-time gop presidential nominee who suffered a disability while serving in the army in world war II. dole was on the senate floor tuesday ahead of the ratification vote, in a wheelchair, accompanied by his wife, former sen. elizabeth dole (r-nc). - talking points memo

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