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Friday, December 14, 2012

demand a plan

the right will tell you that now is not the time to discuss gun regulations.

if 4 or 5 nuclear reactors melted down in the period of 3 months, killing dozens of people, would they say "now is not the time to discuss nuclear regulation"?

if a brand of automobiles began exploding for no reason, killing several families in a space of a few weeks, would they say "now is not the time to examine this brand of automobile"?

if 20 children died from tainted peanut butter, would they say "now is not the time to regulate peanut butter"?

now is the time.

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Yes, they would say that. During the Affordable Care Act fiasco they kept saying "Now is not the time to enact this". If not now, when? Their answer is always "Never".
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:36 AM PST  
I've got a plan to demand. How about all you mentally challenged leftists and outright communists pack up your pink frilly panties and get the fuck out of America to a communist dictatorship like Russia, China, North Korea, or the Rogue Nuclear state of Isra-Hell where the elite dictators rape and murder unarmed citizens with predictable regularity because they know they are the only ones with guns!
I live in the North East and this area is full of low life leftist scumbags who regularly victimize innocent unarmed citizens. Well I can tell you the only reason I am alive today is because I have repelled several violent attempts to do me harm by the scum of the earth who roam the streets and alleyways with my firearms. If you don't like living in a free country where citizens are allowed the fundamental right to defend themselves and their families against murderers and rapists then get your ass to Cambodia!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:13 AM PST  

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