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Sunday, November 04, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

it's all about sandy...and that environmental issue that doesn't seem to be crossing to many corporate media lips of late..."climate change."

in perfect storm, would d.c. have fared any better than yew york? had the nation’s capital and its surrounding counties, home to 5.7 million people, taken the full force of last week’s freak storm, would it have fared any better than new york? the bottom line: probably not. - wapo

insurance companies rethink business after sandy. superstorm sandy capped what's been a pretty impressive couple of years for u.s. natural disasters and there is one thing the insurance industry agrees is true: the cost from hurricane damages is increasing. that's largely because population density and the cost of coastal property increases every year - weekend edition npr

hurricane sandy a taste of more extreme weather to come. killing nearly 200 people in the united states, canada and the caribbean and crippling much of new york city and surrounding areas earlier this week, hurricane sandy was the kind of extreme weather event scientists have long predicted will occur with global warming. - interpress service

when the lights went out in manhattan. everyone here knows the conditions are not comparable to those after the earthquake in haiti, or during the hunger crises in africa, but many new yorkers still get angry with the spiteful and condescending commentaries from other parts of the world. do a thousand people need to die before one can call something a catastrophe - der spiegel

new jersey shore, ravaged by sandy, might never be the same. within hurricane sandy's immense strike zone, there were places that were shaken, places that were inconvenienced, places that sustained damage and death, and places that may never be the samen - latimes

after getting back to normal, big job is facing new reality. basic restoration leaves everything just as vulnerable to the next monster storm. hurricane sandy is now a gauge of the region’s new fragility. climate change and extreme weather are presenting government — and the public — with some overwhelming choices - nytimes

we need to get ready for more storms on steroids. regardless of the outcome of tuesday's election, we will expect lawmakers from both parties to be serious about addressing carbon emissions and global warming in a comprehensive way - augusta kennebeck journal

despite sandy, talk of climate change is stifled. everyone’s talking about the weather, but no one’s doing anything about it — especially those who really could do something: politicians, businesses and individuals - marketplace

global warming: more americans believe 'big lie'. global warming skepticism is still alive and well, thanks to an effective campaign of public disinformation — one heavily financed by oil, gas, electric utility and coal interests, and employing tactics pioneered by the tobacco industry - lewiston sun journal

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