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Friday, November 30, 2012

skippy's friday night music club

i think for a good portion of gop members....the answer to mr. clapton's question would be..."no."

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hostess gifts

yep. gifts, but not for the workers who actually made the product for the ding dongs and ho ho's "running" the company (into the ground.) seems a judge has sided with the "execs" and says it's ok to steal worker pension money to pay themselves for all the "good work." they've done. they get the creamy filling while giving the 18,500 workers the now stale spongy outside.

...while requesting permission for the bonuses, hostess’s lawyers also reported that it can’t pay retiree benefits, and quit contributing to the pension plan more than a year ago. which just might have had something to do with the level of anger among the employees. the latest bankruptcy filing is the second in a decade. -
 ...anyone can drive a business into bankruptcy. it’s not hard. hostess has done it twice. and the same people who achieved this are so valuable they need $100,000 each to stick around and finish the process? and we wonder why there are so many people out there willing to march around with placards denouncing the well off? - daily post

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let the shaming begin

this is hostess ceo hostess ceo greg rayburn. his pay was $125,000 a month running hostess into the ground. 

if you see his pasty mug out in public, shame him. no, really. let's start putting these crooks on notice that we're not going to let them destroy our country, our manufacturing, etc. and then slither back to whatever rock they oozed out from without some consequence.

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every friday afternoon

the wal-mart way is not the only way

5 burning questions about legal marijuana

why rich guys want to raise the retirement age

donald trump's 50 stupidest tweets
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

skippy's thursday night music club

maybe women aren't married because they keep running into men who are "no good."

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we love stephen colbert, too

(sorry patron saint jon...but we do)
especially when he weighs in against the faux "news" war against women.

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the tale of the magic thursday

karl rove's new plan to save the republican party will fail

postal deadlines for sending gifts to troops this holiday season

5 charts about global warming that will make you very, very worried

the world almost ended in 1883
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

happy birthday jon stewart!

patron saint of comedy...and our little humble blog

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skippy's wednesday night music club

rainy, rainy, windy...did i mention rainy evening version.

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wednesday blonde

can democrats retake the house in 2014?

next saturday is a national day of action alert to preserve middle class tax breaks

republican rep. paul broun: science is straight from the pits of hell

oh noes!!! homosexuality is caused by incubi and succubi!!
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

skippy's tuesday night music club

"why i'm a democrat" version...

singer tony bennett was a democrat from childhood because "the hoover administration left everybody so stranded. i have never gotten over that." later, he recalls that he himself "was in the infantry in france and germany in world war II. we won that one. It was still tough. [today] what I would like to see is our troops coming home. I can't wait until we get them all home."

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tuesday's heartbreak

the future of the white man's party

some other things to worry about besides the fiscal cliff

in kentucky you could spend a year in jail for not believing in god

nation's largest group of ob/gyn's think all birth control should be over-the-counter
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Monday, November 26, 2012

skippy's monday night music club

stevland hardaway judkins at age 19.

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monday's rain

5 ways the religious right imploded in 2012

racial diversity on fall tv

it's not really red and blue states, it's more like purple states

apes also can suffer from mid-life crisis, study finds
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

skippy's sunday night music club

it's sunday. surrender.

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environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories you probably didn't hear about on the sunday bobble head shows....or in the corporate media.

silver springs backers fight proposed cattle ranch. when scuba diver guy marwick looks at florida's most famous spring, he sees that the sparkling white sand on the bottom has been smothered by globs of toxic algae. studies have found that 90 percent fewer fish are swimming in the spring compared to the 1950s, and pollution is increasing - tampa bay times

florida's vanishing springs. a century ago florida's gin-clear springs drew presidents and millionaires and tourists galore who sought to cure their ailments by bathing in the healing cascades. now the polluted springs tell the story of a hidden sickness, one that lies deep within the earth - tampa bay times

ginnie springs owner fights off threats. part of what attracts divers to ginnie springs is the crystal clear water, which jacques cousteau once proclaimed to be the clearest in the world with "visibility forever." keeping it that way hasn't been easy - tampa bay times

report of arsenic in rice products alarming, but doctors urge calm. about two weeks ago, deb de moulpied went to the concord food co-op for her groceries and, as she often does, asked for more information about where the food she was buying came from. the clerk assured her the rice she was considering was organically grown in california by lundberg family farms. then she saw a new york times feature on the same california rice farm, battling arsenic in the soil that was contaminating its rice - concord monitor

after sandy, climate change gets more attention. coastal communities including the eastern shore of virginia need to begin to prepare for changes in the climate, according to two experts who spoke at the nasa visitor’s center at wallops island about adapting to climate change - worcester county times

your smartphone's dirty, radioactive secret. the rare earths inside microcomputers make our lives easier. but just how toxic are the guts of your smartphone? does my phone have to have such a toxic footprint? not if manufacturers—and consumers—are prepared to spend more - mother jones

are urban chicken-keepers doing more harm than good? this week it was suggested that the growing numbers of city dwellers keeping chickens were spreading disease and harming birds. but is it just bad blood on the part of big food producers? - the guardian

recycling for food. mexico city’s landfills are at capacity but the government has come up with an innovative way to encourage recycling. mexico city residents can bring recyclables to a market and trade them in for locally grown produce. - living on earth

restaurant mogul george schenk melds the needs of people, planet, and profits. american flatbread restaurants have a family-friendly atmosphere featuring a wood-fired oven and gingham-checked tablecloths – and a mission that promotes tolerance, social justice, and environmental sustainability. - christian science monitor

ottawa moves against lab that reported virus in british columbia salmon. a lab that revealed the first evidence of an infectious virus in british columbia salmon should be stripped of its credentials, according to the canadian food inspection agency. the action has surprised other experts, who worry the government is trying to silence a scientist. - globe and mail

how the drought may dampen holiday dinner. while your thanksgiving shopping list may not have been affected, shopping for christmas for dinner may be another story. this summer’s drought has some farmers selling off their livestock today because they’re worried about how to feed them tomorrow - marketplace

ban on bee-killing pesticides to be investigated in uk. the uk environment secretary is examining the possibility of banning the controversial nerve-agent pesticides increasingly implicated in the decline of bees and other pollinating insects - the independent

rise of acid ocean eats away base of food chain - the independent

climate skeptic group works to reverse renewable energy mandates. the heartland institute, a libertarian think tank skeptical of climate change science, has joined with the conservative american legislative exchange council to write model legislation aimed at reversing state renewable energy mandates across the country - wapo

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save your sundays for surfing

why industries' deep pockets are depleting our last fisheries

the lavish lifestyles of the four-star generals

is wall street really clueless about the fiscal cliff?

nobel prize winners eat more chocolate
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

skippy's saturday night music club

a little acoustic collective soul from the kfog archives...

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saturday night banjo

the six most bizarre conservative freak-outs over obama's re-election

and 5 signs the right is losing it completely

has the media failed in covering climate change?

hubble has possibly spotted the furthest galaxy ever

and rest in peace, j.r. ewing and maj. tony nelson, actor larry hagman

also rip hector "macho" camacho
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Friday, November 23, 2012

black friday insanity

why? really?
would jesus mug someone for a cheap piece of plastic something made in china?

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skippy's friday night music club

psychedelic furry front man went solo...


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rip larry hagman

a proponent for alternative energy.

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black friday rules

yes, it's black friday, but it's also buy nothing day

remember the poor during this door-busting holiday

wal-mart is bracing for strikes today (and they seem to be going viral)

and here's a list of wal-mart strikes, if you plan on attending one!

new study shows fashion industry's reliance on slave labor
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hostess making off with the mostess

hostess benefited from government assistance. ("free stuff") will the $125,000/month ceo refund the taxpayers?  ho-ho, ah no. you probably don't want to hold your breath...
over $1.28 billion in taxpayer subsidies went to junk food ingredients, bringing the total to a staggering $18.2 billion since 1995. to put that figure in perspective, $18.2 billion is enough to buy 2.9 billion twinkies every year - 21 for every single american taxpayer. - us pirg

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

thanks for the memories

classic thanksgiving dinner cost up 1%

giving thanks in dark times

here's the history of the presidential turkey pardon

thanksgiving leftovers repurposed

here's some holiday cooking tips from kids (and from these kids, too)
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giving thanks

that this turkey isn't our veep.

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november 22

i am thankful for the inspiration that jfk gave me to do better...give better...make better

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

wednesday 13

target, wal-mart and other big-box stores abolish thanksgiving

msnbc beats fox in primetime demo 3 nights in a row after election

nobody preaches hate better than america's christian right

michael gondry and 'ubik' ? yay!!
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

exchanging more than securities

over at the sec.
move over, adulterous generals. It might be time to make way for a new sexual rats'nest – at america's top financial police agency, the sec - matt taibbi rolling stone

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tuesday's gone

a closer look at the twinkie defense

karl rove's crossroads never filed legally required registration

papa john's facing $250 million text message spam lawsuit

and look out! mount doom is about to explode!!

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big banks vs. elizabeth warren

their war against her...is back on.
lobbyists and trade groups for wall street and other major banking players are pressuring lawmakers to deny warren a seat on the powerful senate banking committee. with the impending departures of sens. herb kohl (d-wis.) and daniel akaka (d-hawaii), democrats have two spots to fill on the committee before the 113th congress gavels in next year. warren has yet said whether she wants to serve on the committee. but she would be a natural: she's a bankruptcy law expert, she served as congress' lead watchdog overseeing the $700 billion bank bailout from 2008 to 2010, and she conceived of and helped launch the consumer financial protection bureau (cfpb). - mother jones

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Monday, November 19, 2012

skippy's monday night music club

adding a little sunshine today...cuz i ain't gone, baby.

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the twinkie defense


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why were the republicans shellshocked?

was it due to the fact they thought they had stolen another election? could anonymous been the hero of the year?
....just two days after election day, as the republican party was in full-blown despair and karl rove was trying to figure out what went wrong, anonymous released a press statement claiming it did indeed prevent an attempt by rove to steal the election for mitt romney. - truth out

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monday sweetheart

bush got more mormon votes than romney

twilight of the old guys

the fiscal cliff is more like a fiscal curb

separated at birth?
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Sunday, November 18, 2012

skippy's sunday night music club

the song that you hear oh so very differently since seeing reservoir dogs.

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environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that aren't bandied about on the talking bobble head shows...

US power grid at risk for terror attack. A terrorist attack on the U.S. power grid could be more destructive than superstorm Sandy, possibly costing hundreds of billions of dollars and leading to thousands of deaths, the National Academy of Sciences says - bloomberg

Obama to address climate change, smog in second term. The president has been sending signals on the environment like policy test balloons. He mentioned climate change twice since re-election, once during his victory speech and during a press conference at the White House - san gabriel times tribune

GOP House leadership pledges to oppose climate change tax. Perhaps smarting from getting a zero percent return on investment from the $36.7 million spent bashing Barack Obama, the Koch Brothers' Super PAC Americans For Prosperity has narrowed its focus on a new enemy: a tax on carbon emissions. - mother jones

Alarm sounded as water rose. The one-two punch of Superstorm Sandy and a follow-up Nor’Easter got local lawmakers in Connecticut asking: How should the city deal with rising oceans and extreme weather brought on by global climate change? - new haven independent

Boulderites' film creating big buzz. It appears "Chasing Ice," the new documentary film created by a team from Boulder, is catching fire. The independently produced film about climate change grossed just less than $21,000 on a single screen in New York during the all-important opening weekend. - boulder daily camera

Flooding danger puts Sacramento at risk of a disaster worse than Sandy. Aside from New Orleans, Sacramento has the greatest flood risk of any major urban area in America, and a levee breach in Sacramento could cause many deaths and cripple the economy for 1.4 million people in the metro area who depend to some degree on the city of Sacramento staying dry - sacramento bee

 Exclusive: New Jersey railway put trains in Sandy flood zone despite warnings. New Jersey Transit's struggle to recover from Superstorm Sandy is being compounded by a pre-storm decision to park much of its equipment in two rail yards that forecasters predicted would flood, a move that resulted in damage to one-third of its locomotives and a quarter of its passenger cars - reuters

Take on climate change. It is long past time for our nation to take seriously the issue of climate change, so it is good that President Barack Obama last week said he wanted to open a national conversation on the issue. - carroll county times

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remembering sunday

the gop's immigration problem goes way beyond immigration

not news to us: human intelligence is slowly declining

ups ends support of boy scouts over anti-gay policy

priest bite off the ear of another priest over a parking space
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climate change is real

and it's going to hit us where we live...and in our pocket book.
drought may dry up barge traffic in st. louis

mississippi river interests fear that the reduced flow will force a halt to barge traffic at the river's midpoint. they warn that the economic fallout will be enormous, potentially forcing job cuts, raising fuel costs and pinching the nation's food supply.- star telegram

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

skippy's saturday night music club

what it's all about. love and happiness.

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saturday night at the world

religious right: "an increasingly secularized america understands our positions, and has rejected them"

woman angered by obama's re-election runs over husband for not voting

five misconceptions about our tattered safety net

fear of obamacare plummets after election
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Friday, November 16, 2012

skippy's friday night music club

ok. let's get it on. yes...i was talking about the weekend.

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hitler finds out obama got re-elected

presented w/o comment
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let them eat hostess cake

looks like hostess does not have a long shelf life, unlike it's ubiquitous product, twinkies. 

hedge fund owned hostess filed for bankruptcy earlier...and now it says it will shutter it's factories.
hostess brands says it is going out of business, closing plants that make twinkies and wonder bread and laying off all of its 18,500 workers - salt lake tribune

so...while workers are struggling to survive as their livelihood is shuttered, the silver point hedge fund ceo, edward a. mulé, is basking in luxury in his 15,045-square-foot connecticut residence (pdf) and the ceo of hostess itself is sucking some financial juiciness out of the company while the workers are paid crumbs.
rayburn announced that the pay of the four top executives would go down to $1 for the year, but that their full salaries would be reinstated no later than jan. 1. hostess pays rayburn $125,000 a month, according to court filings. at the same time rayburn became ceo, gephardt's son matthew, 41, the coo of the gephardt group, was put on the hostess board as a $100,000-a-year independent director. - cnn money

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friday face

republican fun with math

the honor roll of who got 2012 right

wile e. coyote must be a republican

is mcdonalds getting too expensive?
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Thursday, November 15, 2012

skippy's thursday night music club

let's get the weekend party started. sending out some love to our skippy readers...

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rules, laws and regulations

are, apparently, for the little people. or so thinketh t*** blossom.
when karl rove’s drossroads grassroots policy strategies (gps) formed in 2010, it established its official address in warrenton, va, and registered with the internal revenue service a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) “social welfare organization.” it apparently did not, however, register as a charitable organization with the commonwealth of virginia, as appears was legally required. - think progress
the non-partisan citizens for responsibility and ethics in washington (crew) filed complaints thursday with both the federal election commission (fec) and the federal bureau of investigation (fbi) alleging that karl rove and his secretive crossroads gps violated election law and may have engaged in a criminal conspiracy to do so - think progress

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sweet thursday

romney's legacy: wilkie or dewey??

right wing media threatens revolution, impeachment & more after election

the gwa party is dead. long live the tea party

will the waltz be the next big dance craze? (party like it's 1799!)
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

waiting for wednesday

ohio voters will not forget suppression attempts

nine jobs mitt romney would be perfect for

racist facebook posting gets woman fired

speaking of facebook, here's the disappearing romney page
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

tuesdays in chinatown

sign the petition to tell macy's to dump trump

vaginas are not cars, wallets or other items of movable property

we are not powerless to confront climate change

hey! you! get out of my cloud!
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Monday, November 12, 2012

veteran's day

should be remembered every day.

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skippy's monday night music club

a little bond. james bond.


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monday's rain

'innocence of muslums' film maker sentenced to a year in jail

ironically, it looks like the gop's efforts to suppress minority votes actually backfired

and nate silver thinks that from here on in, the gop is at a disadvantage for electoral votes

a short history of spies and their sex scandals
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Why We Use Statistics, NFL Example Edition

We are now mostly through Week 10 of the NFL season, which means most teams have played nine games. Unless Kansas City manages to beat Pittsburgh by more than 36 points on Monday*—not, to be gracious about it, the Way to Bet—there will be four teams in the NFL that have give up between 10 and 20 points more than the have scored.

You would naturally assume that those teams would have losing records, either 4-5 or even, the closer you get to –20, 3-6. But certainly it depends on the distribution of your wins and losses. But, just for fun, let’s look at the four teams:




Point Differential

















This, not to put too fine a point on it, is why we apply statistical analysis. A couple of blowouts (both New Jersey teams lost today by three touchdowns, though the Jets—Jersey/B, as Gregg Easterbrook’s sole viable contribution to popular culture named them—gave up extra points as well) may skew the record—if every other game is close.  If I tell 100 people who know the rules of football but not the way the season has gone, “The Colts have given up 15 more points than they have scored through nine games,”  chances are that 80-90 of them would guess the team was 4-5 or even 3-6.  Some small number might guess 5-4, and an even smaller one will guess 6-3.

But then add information. For instance I say, “They lost their first game of the season by 20 points.”  At this point, those will at least moderate math skills realize that the Colts are +5 over 8 games; 5-3 is not out of the question, though 4-4 remains the Way to Bet—by a much smaller margin.

Now I add, “Coming into this week, they had only won one game by more than three points.”  Suddenly, that +5 looks strong; there is a shift of some set of the 4-5 people (who know the first week was a loss) to 5-4 (5-3 plus that loss).

The more information you get—“they were blown out by Jersey/B as well”—the more likely you are to guess that they might be 6-3.  But the odds still don’t favor that.  Indeed, the Dolphins have been blown out twice (-20, –34), but they have also won two blowouts (+22, +21). (The Bengals are 1-1 in blowouts; the Cowboys, like the Colts, are 1-2.)

So if we’re just looking at the raw data and the predictions of the people, we would see the Informed Voters hanging around 5-4 or even 6-3, the Paying Attention group splitting between 4-5 and 5-4, and some Randomly-Asked-Questions people guessing 3-6 or 4-5 (with a few clever enough to say 5-4 just because they know someone thought the question was interesting).

Any parallels to those complaining that Nate Silver was estimating percentages to four significant digits are left as an exercise to the reader.

*Or there is a blowout of epic proportion tonight between two teams that are both at least +100 through eight games.

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remember that sunday

veterans day by the numbers

free food for veterans at some restaurant chains this weekend

the va backlog is unacceptable

every day should be veterans day
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environmental news stories sunday

 for all those pesky stories you probably didn't hear on the sunday morning booble head shows. (yes...no typo, that.)

 new york readies for veterans day as region struggles. thousands were in temporary shelters, and in new jersey a tent city on the edge of monmouth park racetrack was home to hundreds. authorities in the region said they did not have access to enough alternative housing or hotel rooms for all those who have been displaced - nytimes

u.s., vietnam deal with agent orange. a jungle raid in january 1962 in which u.s. helicopter pilots ferried south vietnamese troops to attack soldiers from the north was one of america's first major operations in the vietnam war - usatoady

adapting to climate disruption. superstorm sandy was a wake-up call, laying bare the vulnerabilities of our built environment in the face of dangerous new realities of climate disruption. rising sea levels and severe storm surges target coastal communities, and many towns and cities are inadequately protected. so the question is, what are we going to do about it? - living on earth

months without power in wake of Sandy. about 100,000 homes and businesses in new york city and long island were so damaged by hurricane sandy that restoring power to some of them may take months, the governor of new york, andrew cuomo, has said. - bloomberg

the american illusion of water abundance. from the docents at the hoover dam to the biggest users to our own, overwatered backyards, let's break the cycle of ignoring threats to u.s. aquifers and rivers - and stem the drain on america's water resources before it's too late - latimes air force ships california radioactive waste to idaho landfill. after california regulators refused to allow the u.s. air force to label residue from radioactive aircraft instruments as “naturally occurring” – declaring it unsuitable for a Bakersfield-area dump – the military turned to idaho with the same story. there, military officials met with success. - california watch

battered new york city looks for ways to hold back the sea. new york city had been gradually preparing for a world of rising seas and more powerful storms. but the devastation caused by hurricane sandy is now forcing officials to consider spending billions of dollars on storm protection, including a network of surge barriers. - yale environment 360

help sandy relief efforts with voltaic's "buy one give one" solar charger program - treehugger

climate change report outlines perils for us military. climate change is accelerating, and it will place unparalleled strains on american military and intelligence agencies in coming years by causing ever more disruptive events around the globe, the nation’s top scientific research group said in a report issued friday - nytimes

allergies from pollen projected to intensify with climate change. spring and summer allergy sufferers might already have noticed a slight increase in days spent sneezing each year. And new research suggests that allergies triggered by pollen are set to increase—in both duration and severity—with climate change - scientific american

sandy: what a coastal us can learn from other threatened cities. new yorkers aren’t accustomed to thinking that they live in a disaster-prone city, but does sandy mean that the big apple needs the same kind of extensive – and expensive – flood barriers that protect european cities like Rotterdam or london? - time magazine

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

saturday night at the movies

elizabeth warren's big win is a crushing defeat for the banks

the gop's top 10 methods in their war on women

kevin drum scolds liberals; driftglass scolds kevin drum

another study shows millionaires don't flee if their taxes are raised

and, in lieu of chronicling mitt's mendacity, let's look at the tumblr for white people mourning romney
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Friday, November 09, 2012

friday at five

roseanne placed fifth in the presidential election

and montana passed a referendum declaring corporations are not people

jewish leaders push back over boy scouts' anti-gay policy

ach! gehen sie zu hause! es ist die krampus! (winter holiday demons of the alps!)
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Thursday, November 08, 2012

so glad the election is over

i have been walking, talking, blogging, tweeting, schmoozing, writing, catering...etc. for our local dems and some important propositions on the ballot. i've been doing it since, what, january?

but...i feel the election adrenaline slowly seeping out of my soul...my body...


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let's drink to obama!

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suite thursday

fox news top five election freak out

michigan elected santa claus

california school district blames 12-year-old rape victim for her own abuse

is there any real reason london needs a statue of christopher hitchens?
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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

spring summer and wednesdays

the day after the election in woody guthrie's america

how one woman lost her faith in the pro-life movement

the 20 weirdest religious beliefs

and if those bones found beneath the carpark in london really are richard iii, they will be formally interred in leicester cathedral

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missouri showed 'em

mrs dbk and i were in st louis around the beginning of august, just taking a weekend to check out some more of our midwestern neighborhood (bogart's smokehouse is excellent, although they make their sauces a little too sweet for my taste, the gateway arch is amazing up close, and we really liked the cardinals' stadium, the fans, the whole game was a good time).  while there, we were treated, whenever we were near a tv set, to political ads.  there was a constant drumbeat of them and they went something like this:  "claire mccaskill is the worst human being who ever lived.  she wants to steal your money and murder your children.  yesterday she bit the head off a puppy and drank its blood.  don't vote for her or god will hate you forever."

yesterday's missouri election results show that you can show an awful lot of negative tv ads if you like, but if you're a jackass in a very public way, the way todd akins was this past summer, well, you get where this going. the ads i heard were so nasty and filled with hate-filled undertones that i am delighted their author was repudiated.  Those ads were contemptible and anyone who would permit them to be shown on his behalf is reprehensible.
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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It’s Them, and Maybe You – A Tale of Two Cities

Here in suburban New Jersey, we are just now getting power back throughout town. (As of yesterday—remember, remember, the Fifth of November—we were the town in Essex County that had the least restored houses.) A lot of progress today, with teams from Texas and Florida among those called in (which presumably left the NJ teams to deal with the major issues down by the shore).

By a fluke of (mis)transcription, my work number is getting calls from the Huntington (NY) School District.  Huntington is (per Google Maps) fifty-six (56) miles away, around the middle of Lon Gisland.

One of the things that has been happening is that the towns are in parallel: my childrens’s schools have both been closed since last Monday.  So has the Huntington School District. For the past two days, on two separate telephones, I have gotten a call saying, in short, “We have no power. No school tomorrow.”

Today, the calls were different.

For here, the grade school is open tomorrow.  For the middle school, power is still not restored, but alternatives have been found.

For Huntington, the message went roughly like this:

Power has now been restored to the school.  However, we are now anticipating that the high winds from tomorrow’s Nor’easter will reach our area before the scheduled dismissal time tomorrow.  Given the danger from trees and power lines that have not yet been repaired from Sandy, we are going to remain closed tomorrow.

Jersey Jazzman asked if his annual evaluation would include a “Sandy variable.”  All the talk from Lon Gislanders has been about how Sandy impacted the South Shore and how tomorrow’s Nor’easter will impact the North Shore.

Some areas of the Northeast were less affected.  Some are recovering.  And some—such as the middle of Lon Gisland—are getting the worst of both worlds.

Just to relate this to finance:  I really wouldn’t go long any insurance companies (or even reinsurance companies) just yet.

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happy days are here again

how astronauts vote from space

don't know where your f#cking poling place is? you can f*cking find it here

18 reasons you might want to vote for mitt romney

voting wrongs
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Monday, November 05, 2012

monday sweetheart

unprecedented campaign micro-targeting creeps voters out

5 female animators who shook up the industry

2/3 of republicans believe in demonic posession. (but less than half believe in global warming!)

george will is a serial auto-plagiarist
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Sunday, November 04, 2012

skippy's sunday night music club

whether you run for it...or just take it..."the higher ground"


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gop shenanigans in florida and ohio

i know...i know...shocking, right. other democracies make voting easy and mandatory for their citizens. here in the "oligarchic states of amercia", a certain party makes it tremendously difficult for citizens to participate in the democratic process.
there have been massive lines this weekend in the key swing states of florida and ohio, with some voters waiting six hours or more to cast their ballot. this is not an accident.

in ohio, after attempting to cancel weekend early voting all together, secretary of state jon husted (r) drastically rolled back early voting hours. in florida, gov. rick scott (r) reduced the number of early voting days from 14 to 8. - think progress
...last night, voters in miami-dade county were forced to wait in line up to six hours to vote. in some precincts voters who arrived at 7pm were not able to cast their ballots until 1am. in response, republican-affiliated election officials in miami-dade have effectively extended early voting from 1pm to 5pm today by allowing “in-person” absentee voting. but this accommodation will only be available in a single location in the most republican area of the county. - think progress

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environmental news stories sunday

it's all about sandy...and that environmental issue that doesn't seem to be crossing to many corporate media lips of late..."climate change."

in perfect storm, would d.c. have fared any better than yew york? had the nation’s capital and its surrounding counties, home to 5.7 million people, taken the full force of last week’s freak storm, would it have fared any better than new york? the bottom line: probably not. - wapo

insurance companies rethink business after sandy. superstorm sandy capped what's been a pretty impressive couple of years for u.s. natural disasters and there is one thing the insurance industry agrees is true: the cost from hurricane damages is increasing. that's largely because population density and the cost of coastal property increases every year - weekend edition npr

hurricane sandy a taste of more extreme weather to come. killing nearly 200 people in the united states, canada and the caribbean and crippling much of new york city and surrounding areas earlier this week, hurricane sandy was the kind of extreme weather event scientists have long predicted will occur with global warming. - interpress service

when the lights went out in manhattan. everyone here knows the conditions are not comparable to those after the earthquake in haiti, or during the hunger crises in africa, but many new yorkers still get angry with the spiteful and condescending commentaries from other parts of the world. do a thousand people need to die before one can call something a catastrophe - der spiegel

new jersey shore, ravaged by sandy, might never be the same. within hurricane sandy's immense strike zone, there were places that were shaken, places that were inconvenienced, places that sustained damage and death, and places that may never be the samen - latimes

after getting back to normal, big job is facing new reality. basic restoration leaves everything just as vulnerable to the next monster storm. hurricane sandy is now a gauge of the region’s new fragility. climate change and extreme weather are presenting government — and the public — with some overwhelming choices - nytimes

we need to get ready for more storms on steroids. regardless of the outcome of tuesday's election, we will expect lawmakers from both parties to be serious about addressing carbon emissions and global warming in a comprehensive way - augusta kennebeck journal

despite sandy, talk of climate change is stifled. everyone’s talking about the weather, but no one’s doing anything about it — especially those who really could do something: politicians, businesses and individuals - marketplace

global warming: more americans believe 'big lie'. global warming skepticism is still alive and well, thanks to an effective campaign of public disinformation — one heavily financed by oil, gas, electric utility and coal interests, and employing tactics pioneered by the tobacco industry - lewiston sun journal

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say hello

to the blue girl daily
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raining on sunday

breitbart's successors face internal turmoil

latino excitement at record levels for the election

how screwed are jp morgan chase and wells fargo?

all the sharpest dressed conservatives wear glenn beck jeans
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Saturday, November 03, 2012

saturday night again

chronicling mitt's mendacity, volume the last, hopefully!

batacchio considers the civil "both sides" bipartisans

nate silver is on the front lines in the war on math

here's a list of the richest members of congress

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Friday, November 02, 2012

skippy's friday night music club

another tune from hoboken's well known "son" singing about a certain town...
please consider a donation to santa barbara's own direct relief international that is shipping much
needed medical supplies to those whose lives were shattered by sand on the east coast and in haiti.

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romney holds some whacky ideas

on when and where jesus is coming back.
watch mitt romney get in a heated exchange with a radio host from a radio interview in 2008 about where jesus will reign and rule over the earth for 1,000 years -- in jerusalem and missouri. romney displays deep familiarity with the thinking of a mormon hermit-conspiracy theorist cleon skousen, who was also glenn beck's great inspiration - alternet

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relief for hurricane sandy's victims - please give!

pls. give to help those in need on the east coast:

the american red cross

apple itunes has a portal on its itunes store for donating relief to sandy's vicims

donate via ebay


watch and donate to the nbc universal marathon tonite on the nbc networks

and the aspca is helping pets displaced by hurricane sandy

here's the fema guidelines for donating safely
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friday after next

did hurricane sandy just cost mitt the election?

are you a workaholic?

social security has a rate of return that's tough to beat

is the progessive blogosphere dead? (we hope not!)
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Thursday, November 01, 2012

skippy's thursday night music club

a little song from one of hoboken's sons. thoughts and prayers are still with those back east affected by sandy.

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regulations save lives. lack of them endangers them.

just take romney's lax regulations on that massachusetts lab.
the fatal meningitis epidemic sweeping the united states can now be traced to the failure of then-gov. mitt romney to adequately regulate the massachusetts pharmaceutical company that is being blamed for the deaths. - salon

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probably on thursday

beware of romneycare

hurricane sandy should be politicized

but conservatives bash chris christie for cooperaring with obama

utah gop activist accused of rape commits suicide
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