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Monday, September 17, 2012

Random Notes, Again

If the new SAGgingAFTRA gets up in arms about this, maybe they will be worth paying dues. But that I heard about this from Patrick first isn't encouraging.

As a Rutgers-Newark alumnus—not to mention the father of two Jewish daughters—I find this sad, pathetic, and personally revoting. The most diverse campus in the United States, whose law school produced the next Senator from Massachusetts,* has some bad apples in it, too, apparently.

I'm not reading blogs much. Lawrence Norfolk has a new novel out. There is a direct relationship between those two statements. Highly recommended. But you would expect that, no?

*The other candidate, who attended only private college and law school, pretends he's the one who is "of the people." And I gave at the office.
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"...some bad apples in it, too..."

Road apples, obviously.
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