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Friday, September 21, 2012

More Random Notes

I recently declared chez Mannion that I would leave my wife for Jenny Diski. For anyone who needs to figure out why, start with this post where she puts the Glorification of the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympics into context.  As Tom Lehrer sang in a similar context, “Though he may have won all the battles, we had all the good songs.”

(Not to mention this one, which hits rather close to home.)

I asked this on Twitter and never saw an answer. If Mitt Romney believes his approach “will put 23 million people back to work again,” why does he plan to create only 12 million jobs?

If the Boy Scouts made a moral decision earlier this year, what do you call the ones from the early 1970s?

In similar TANJ-is-a-feature-not-a-bug fashion, those who wonder why no one trusts the NYC police department when a car is involved are referred to this Forbes piece.  What would you expect when your force is made up of a bunch of car-dependent, overprivileged parking Lon Gislanders and Joiseyites?

If anyone was foolish enough to believe that the need for “education reform” is driven by a desire to take monies from the public coffers and give them to friends and campaign contributors, Valerie Strauss clears up the question for Tennessee, having previously body-slammed the Rahming idiocy coming out of Chicago.*

Doug Henwood points out that buying stock is really not “investing capital,” which Matt Yglesias appears to have overlooked.  (As a side note, my beach reading this summer was Matt’s dad’s fifth novel, which he dedicated to his two sons. It was that or my dog-eared copy of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. I still think I made the right choice. At the price at the link, absolutely recommended. Indeed, you can get the hardcover for that same price, for a good cause. What more could you want?)

My application for press credentials to the Clinton Global Initiative—which I had covered for the last three years—was declined.  Which is probably good, since I can afford neither the time nor the money to go this year and (as with you) I’ll be able to watch most of the presentations via the Internet. (Though one of my best pieces from last year came from a lunch meeting that was not broadcast. Ah, well, their loss.)

And, finally, bleg of the day:

I am now the proud owner of not one but two IBM ThinkPad T40s. All things considered, the only problem with these top-of-the-line-at-le-fin-de-siècle, half-gig of RAM, 40-and-that’s-really-rounding-up GB HD machines is that their wireless capability is 802.11b. How difficult is that going to be to upgrade?


*The three reasons to keep the WaPo alive are Strauss, Sarah Kliff (who blogs chez Ezra), and Michael Dirda, who I probably irritated the last time we were together by waving buyable copies of The Best of John Sladek in his face.

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For $40 or less you can get a USB wireless plug-in with g/n capability. You just disable the internal module and you are good to go.
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