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Monday, September 10, 2012

monday mourning

11,000 show up for obama in florida while only hundreds hear romney in virginia

the history of men redefining rape

the gop fact vaccum

arctic tipping point: a north pole without ice
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I like the phrase "What was once old is new again" MUCH less than before, when that alleged thinking is applied to ideas on what constitutes rape.
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Why am I so passionate about this - At 13, I was groped (aka had my breasts grabbed ) by a late 20 something "friend" of my sister's while alone with him. I was so ashamed thinking I had done something to provoke it that I told no one. I was in my 30's before I told my sister, She was of course upset and let me know it wasn't my fault and that her then husband would have reacted badly (not that I condone violence but the thought of someone willing to do that was comforting). I know what I what was done to me is a far cry from rape. My point is that it seems to be that if someone doesn't reports it because of fear of being blamed or doesn't fight back because of fear of further injury or even death it isn't forcible really pisses me off.
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