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Sunday, September 16, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that you probably didn't hear anything about on the talking head shows this morning....but should have...

home rule. school kids in colorado have to walk at least 1,000 feet from the playground to reach the nearest medical marijuana dispensary. but the closest oil and gas well need only be 350 feet away. and as the city of longmont recently discovered, the state does not play nice with city governments that introduce legislation to the contrary - high country news

japan finds another gap in its disaster readiness – mount fuji.- when toshitsugu fujii became head of a japanese task force on disaster response at mount fuji, he was confronted with a startling oversight: japan had no plan in place to deal with a disaster in which an earthquake, such as the magnitude 9.0 tremor in 2011, sparks a volcanic eruption at the famous landmark - reuters

weather pushes allergy and asthma miseries to new level. -as one of the hottest summers ever recorded drew to a close, jay portnoy watched patients stream into children’s mercy hospital and clinics in kansas city, mo., coughing and wheezing with asthma, 20 admissions per day for the week that started with labor day, he said. - washington post

georgia officials give drought the silent treatment.- georgia's relentless experience with drought has created ambivalence among residents and policymakers about how to cope with it, hinting at problems other states may have to face if their droughts drag on or recur with troubling regularity - latimes

arctic sea ice vanishes – and the oil rigs move in.- this summer, the sea ice that caps the arctic ocean melted to the lowest level since at least 1979, when satellites first began keeping track of ice over the north pole. but the most immediate impact of climate change-related arctic ice melting will likely be the opening of vast new drilling territory for a thirsty oil industry - time magazine

annual report reveals list of contaminants in cumberland county water.- local drinking water quality reports, provided to cumberland county residents and businesses with an update on the safety of tap water, have revealed a list of contaminants that may give pause to some who get their h2o from faucets - carlisle sentinel

promise of the sea.- in the not-too-distant future, when some oregon residents plug their laptops into an electrical outlet they could be using juice generated by the fierce waves that roll shoreward along the pacific northwest coast - high country news

laissez-faire failing world’s dwindling water resources.- growing water shortages in many countries are a major threat to global security and development and should be a top priority at the u.n. security council, a panel of experts said in a new report - inter press service

japan plans to end reliance on nuclear power within 30 years.- japan has announced plans to end its reliance on nuclear power within 30 years, in a historic policy shift prompted by the triple meltdown at the fukushima power plant. - the guardian

why doesn't your city have curbside composting?- following san francisco's lead, nearly 100 cities now have curbside composting. keeping food scraps, leaves, tree limbs, and grass clippings out of the municipal waste facilities preserves limited space, and it saves money. why don't more cities and states make it easier for us to compost? the answer: big trash - mother jones

the bay area chevron explosion shows gaps in refinery safety.-chevron's 100-year-old plant has long been a source of contention in this industrial east bay city – and for good reason. it injects millions into the local economy, but it's also racked up dozens of air-quality violations in the last year alone, not to mention three serious fires in the last 12 years - high country news

backyard birders should check their bird seed.-earlier this month, scotts miracle-gro co. was sentenced in federal court in ohio to pay a $4million fine and do community service for spiking its bird seed with insecticides, according to the u.s. environmental protection agency - san gabriel valley tribune

farmers warned to watch for carcinogen as drought continues.- a fungus that produces a toxic carcinogen is flourishing in the continuing heat and drought baking corn crops across the midwest, purdue university researchers report. livestock eating infected corn risk health problems - daily climate

want the presidential debate moderators to ask about climate? then tweet them this

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