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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

big apple pizza

and the right wing melt down over a bear hugbearhug-gate. really. wtf.
not many things republicans say or do shock me. but yet these people, the party of 'business' are now not only attacking scott van duzer verbally, but have moved on to harassing his business. they have begun to attack his yelp.com Profile driving down his business review ratings  - daily kos
“people are saying a lot of bad things and boycotting my restaurant,” scott van duzer, 46, told politico - politico
are there democratic headquarters in the area? i think dems should call up and order some slices from big apple pizza for the volunteers.

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Well, gee! Everyone knows that boycotts are only employed by commie/liberal/facist/socialist left wingers who hate free enterprise and Amurka!God-fearing, gay-bashing, red-blooded Right Wingers would NEVER sink to that level!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:07 PM PDT  
When I looked at yelp and the followups to this story, I learned that there are apparently far more sane and generous people in this country than there are hateful wingnuts. To wit :

1. Big Apple Pizza's yelp page has been deluged with five-star reviews, completely overwhelming the rightwing bad reviews, and driving the overall rating to a solid five stars.

2. So many people have contacted Big Apple to order pizza in solidarity that Van Duzer has begun asking them to contribute to his favorite charity, the Van Duzer Foundation, which "[assists] families and individuals in St. Lucie County Florida, who are experiencing financial and personal hardship brought about by unforeseen crisis or tragedy."

commented by Anonymous joel hanes, 9:33 PM PDT  

Followup: according to eater.com, Big Apple Pizza now has the highest yelp rating of any restaurant in the state of Florida.
commented by Anonymous joel hanes, 10:02 PM PDT  
Thanks for the update, joel!
commented by Blogger Cookie Jill, 7:22 PM PDT  

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