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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

where do you begin to express the outrage

of the hate and misogyny of the republicans? really...where do you begin?

legitimate rape? what the hell is that? oh, yeah...that's right. women are hysterical and will lie and call it "rape" just, well...just because. and marital rape, well...that isn't "rape" either. that shouldn't be criminalized. that's just a man getting what he deserves from his "property", oh, i mean wife.

a woman who wants to practice personal responsibility by using birth control is, well, called a "slut" because according to the gop, a woman shouldn't actually enjoy the act of love making and plan to engage in it responsibly.

forget romneyhood' "magic underwear," according to the gop woman have this "magic natural substance" in their private parts that protects women from becoming pregnant if they are raped...or lie about being raped. '

if a woman gets pregnant, she isn't intelligent enough to decide what to do with her body, her future. according to the gop, she should be joyous that she is a human broodmare for men dictating her life. apparently life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness shouldn't apply to woman...or blacks...or latinos (or any brown skinned person the gop likes to refer to as "illegals." oh, wait...they want to sterilize those people because the gop thinks they are having too many babies.)

what if men were forced to have a probe thrust up into their bodies against their will, i'm sure there would be laws against such action...but when it happens to women (transvaginal probe) it's "for their own good."

men deserve to get more pay than women for doing the same job according to the gop because, well, they are men. they shouldn't be "emasculated" by some "smart a** b****h" 

really. wtf? really.

i am just speechless with disbelief over the c**p these creeps are spewing out without media pushback to their misogyny.


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hi, i saw your title on IM and came to read your blog. i think this article may offer some answers. i also think the rw/gop
suffers marrying the same white
folks for 400yrs and the ensuing
insanity that follows.
i can see no other explanation for
the chronic chaotic insanity
from them the last 30years+.


White America Has Lost Its Mind
The white brain, beset with worries, finally goes haywire in spectacular fashion
Wednesday, Sep 29 2010
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 11:53 PM PDT  
"what if men were forced to have a probe thrust up into their bodies against their will, i'm sure there would be laws against such action"

Not necessarily. It might save big chunks of the GOP quite a bit of money if they could get their insurance to cover what they're paying sex workers for now... ;)
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 12:26 PM PDT  

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