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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

roos on the loose

go comrades! hop free!

officials from an animal park in frankfurt, germany, are still in pursuit of a daring kangaroo which, along with two others, was able to slip through the facility's dual-perimeters over the weekend thanks to a some unlikely interspecies collaboration. 
according to michael hoffmann, deputy head of the hochwildschutzpark hunsr├╝ck park, the kangaroos managed to escape their confines by crawling through a hole an unwitting fox had dug at the base of the fenced-in enclosure. with that hurdle passed, the brazen trio caught another lucky break in their hop towards freedom -- finding a hole in the park's exterior wall, left behind by a wild boar, that was big enough for the kangaroos to pass. - treehopper...i mean treehugger

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