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Saturday, August 11, 2012

rip bill rafferty


we just got the very sad news that one of skippy's old friends from the comedy days, bill rafferty, passed away this morning.

tho skippy knew bill from coming up thru the comedy trenches in the late 70's san francisco comedy scene, most of america knew bill as one of the erstwhile hosts of real people, part of the ur-reality genre that began to invade television in the 80's.


bill went on to host many one-offs of game shows, including blockbuster and the revamped card sharks.



and before real people, bill (along with robin williams, another sf comedy staple from skippy's early days) was one of george schlatter's choices for the revamped (and pretty bad) version of laugh-in.


bill made a few appearances in various tv shows, including nash bridges, which filmed in the san francisco bay area, where bill chose to live. most recently he was the host of retired and wired, which looked at senior living with (or against?) technology.

bill was a staunch conservative, and had many a facebook debate w/skippy in the past few months. we had heard that he was sick recently, but had also heard he was out of the woods. apparently, not far enough out of the woods.

bill was a gracious and generous man, was well as supremely talented and quite funny. he always had nothing but great things to say about skippy when they played the coffee gallery and the other cafe in the old days, and was always great fun to perform with. bill also never let his television success go to his head, and was always ready to pal around with his old buddies, even after becoming a tv reality star.

we are very very sad to hear of his passing, and comedy is just a little bit less humorous tonight.

rest in peace, bill rafferty.
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Bill Rafferty was a contestant on the August 11, 2012 episode of Celebrity Bucket Kickers.
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Bill, You'll be missed by your family, friends and fans.
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