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Friday, August 10, 2012

last friday night

republican operative follows the wrong guy

11 highlights from a creationist science textbook

who could have predicted something like the violence of the shooting by the right-wing nutjob at the sikh temple in wisconsin? who indeed?

australian billionaire wants to make a real version of jurassic park
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Many years ago, when I was just a lad arguing with creationists on USENET, one creationist, in an attempt to show how everything in the Babble is correct, write that NASA, when trying to land rockets on the moon, kept missing and couldn't figure out why. Eventually, one brilliant Christian at NASA realized that they hadn't taken the three hours that gawwwwd made the sun stand still at the Battle of Jericho into account. He was quite sincere in his belief that this was so, even after he was told that rockets weren't missing their targets and, besides, and this is the really stupid part of the story, even if the story about Jericho were true (an idiotic story because the earth would have to stand still, not the sun), that wouldn't affect calculations about where the moon is now.

Just mentioning that because of the creationist story in this topic. Man, creationists are so freaking stupid it is amazing.
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A mix of funny, scary, and crazy.
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