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Sunday, August 05, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those stories being buried beneath all the fast breaking important robert pattinson - kristen stewart news.

heatwave turns america's waterways into rivers of death.  - the cruel summer heat-wave that continues to scorch agricultural crops across much of the united states and which is prompting comparisons with the severe droughts of the 1930s and 1950s is also leading to record-breaking water temperatures in rivers and streams, including the mississippi, as well as fast-falling navigation levels - the indpendent

high winds and drought fuel oklahoma wildfires. - fueled by searing temperatures and whipped by high winds, the fires forced hundreds of people to flee and had burned dozens of homes by late friday. oklahoma and other midwestern states are suffering from one of the worst droughts in recent memory - nytimes

'extreme downpours' up 37 percent in michigan, linked to climate change. - climate change is real, and it's having a real impact on our weather, according to a report released Wednesday by the environment michigan research & policy center - detroit metro news

james hansen: Extreme heat events connected to climate change. - dr. james hansen of nasa, one of the world's most outspoken scientists on the topic of climate change says there is now enough evidence to connect global warming to some of the extreme weather events of the recent past. Video - pbs news

hong kong government criticised over plastic spill on beaches. - hundreds of millions of potentially toxic plastic pellets from containers knocked off a vessel during Hong Kong's worst typhoon in 13 years have washed up on its beaches, where they lay for more than a week, activists said on saturday - reuters

time's up for climate change deniers. - forget the olympics. want to watch records being broken? Turn on the weather report - newark star ledger

romney tilting against wind tax credit. - is mitt romney trying to blow it? that's the question that came to mind last week as his campaign repeatedly asserted his opposition to an extension of the production tax credit for wind energy. - denver post

listen to the lobsters, maple syrup and glaciers. - what do glaciers, maple syrup and lobsters have in common? they’re all symptoms of global warming - the worldwide process of climate change that has become our major environmental challenge. - lewiston sun journal

is it hot enough for ya? - americans’ growing concerns about global warming will mean nothing if our national leaders are unwilling to seize the moment and do something about it.- nytimes

drought hits navajo nation ranchers hard. - windmill blades spin rapidly in the stiff wind above justin yazzie’s ranch in whitehorse lake, new mexico, slicing through a clear blue sky smudged at the edges with darkening clouds. those clouds, though often hovering on the horizon, will not bring necessary rain, said yazzie, navajo. "we don't get rain anymore," he said. "we just get wind and dust." - indian country today

how the drought could cost you $7,000 or more. - amid one of the driest and hottest years in decades, the ground surrounding Iowa homes has been contracting and pulling away from foundations - des moines register

britain could suffer smog worse than beijing. - the thick smog that has come to symbolise asia's rampant air pollution could come to the uk if carbon emissions are not slashed, scientists have warned - the telegraph

rising sea levels throughout metro vancouver putting landmarks at risk. - vancouver is at risk of losing landmark communities like granville island and false creek unless the city starts taking measures to defend its shoreline against rising sea levels, an urban planner warns - vancouver sun

india's big power blackout: why coal hasn't been a savior. - roughly 70 percent of india’s electricity comes from coal power and because of india’s large coal reserves that number is set to rise. but reliance on coal has blackened lives and landscapes, and it hasn't always kept the lights on - christian science monitor

aging power grid on overload as U.S. demands more electricity. - the united states doesn’t yet face the critical shortage of power that has left more than 600 million people in India without electricity this week but the u.s. grid is aging and stretched to capacity - wapo

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