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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dear President Obama

I have voted for the Democratic candidate for President every year that I could vote up to and including 2008. I voted straight Democratic in 2010.  I will vote Democratic in every race this year except the Presidency because I do not believe you are really a Democrat.

Let's look at the facts.  Your promise to end the Bush tax cuts required exactly 0 Republican votes and yet you signed legislation to extend them.

Rep. Ryan is the most despicable Republican alive because he wants to starve grandmothers by cutting Social Security and Medicare.  Just like you proposed.  Repeatedly.

You will not have my vote this November.  The fault lies with you.  I cannot in good conscience support you again.  I will not vote for Romney either.  His policies and yours are extremely hard to differentiate and that is the problem.

Please find your  conscience and your soul when you win re-election.  As you are a wholly owned subisdiary of Goldman Sachs I do not believe you can.
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Hey, you are a fool. I may not agree with Obama, but consider the alternative.
commented by Blogger Cliff Enz, 12:42 AM PDT  
The childish whining of the impotent. So now Obama wants to starve grandmothers? You've turned yourself into a public joke.
commented by Blogger sunsin, 1:19 AM PDT  
Silly comments from Obama-bots!
commented by Blogger thwap, 5:32 AM PDT  
i myself and inclined to agree w/george. tho i am not at this point refusing to cast my vote for obama.

my biggest sadness today is that the republican party has moved the overton window of political thought so far to the right, that i am forced to consider voting for a man who lets the banksters go scott free after crashing the economy (in fact still enlisting them in his inner circle of advisors), authorizes the use of drones to attack wedding parties in afghanistan, kill and lock up american citizens without due process, allows the telecommunications industry leave to share and use our own personal data, refuses to close guantanamo... the list goes on.

my biggest regret is that for the first time in my adult history of democratic participation, voting for the idea of "the lesser of two evils" is no longer a metaphor, but now literal.
commented by Blogger skippy, 12:09 PM PDT  
I never thought Obama was actually a liberal but I voted for him in 08 and I will vote for him again in this year. Yes it sucks but would a rerun of 00 be better? Hell no!

Remember the yahoos telling us that there was no difference between Boy Blunder and Al Gore? How Ralph was a better alternative? Yeah, how the fuck did that work out for us liberals? Hold your goddamned nose & vote for Obama then get busy trying to find a better candidate who can win in 16
commented by Blogger frankly, 1:53 PM PDT  
Bush & Cheney went scott free
BP went scott free
banksters go scott free
tax cuts for the rich go on

Also not happy Gitmo is still open (1st exec order!)
All the wars our Nobel peace prize winning prez has us in.

Barr & Sheehan are running-- but would they be spoilers?

Here are lists of Obama accomplishments




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