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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

skippy: the first 10 years


we at skippy international are proud of the three many accomplishments this blog has achieved during its tenuous ten year tenure thus far.

first and foremost among said achievements was being the very first blog mentioned by name on cnn, when daryn kagen expertly ducked skippy's assertion that she was as guilty of selective truth-telling as she accused blogs of being.

secondly and foremost among skippy's dubious achievements was getting cnn producer abbi tatton to not only start mentioning as many liberal blogs as conservative blogs on her short-lived feature, "let's sit at a computer on tv and look at the blogs! live! with abbi tatton!", but to also, finally, mention our blog as well! (also, we got a mention at columbia journalism review and a name-drop in a slate headline for our efforts!)

second and a halfly, and foremost, we also got to be the punchline for a terrific series of jokes on the daily show, thanks to the whole abbi tatton brou-ha-ha, and yes, "brou-ha-ha" is spelled with a "u":

please excuse the obligatory ad in front of this clip

thirdly, and foremost among our achievements, we would be remiss were we not to toot our own horn mention that it was our blog that found the first of many "mistakes" by ben 'dommie darko' domenech during his brief tenure as washpost official "blogger." these mistakes paved the way to the discovery of domenech's out and out plagiarism, which paved the way to domenech's out and out firing.

we could go on.

so we will:

we have been finalists for "best blog in the entire universe" (or something like that) too many times to count, unless it's relatively easy for you to count to four.
The 2008 Weblog Awards
The 2007 Weblog Awards
The 2006 Weblog Awards
2003 Weblog Awards

and, we are especially proud of our final showing in the 2007 contest:

we were among the first to win the coveted golden monkeyfister award (and we won it twice!)
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skippy collected over $10,000 in pledges for relief for aid to the victims of katrina.

we roused all of blogtopia (y!wctp!), left and right, to help us collect a million hits on or near our third blogiversary!

skippy corresponded with two incredibly talented mystery writers, sara paretsky and barry eisler.

we are a reference used in the wikipedia article on marcy wheeler.

but most importantly, we sold t-shirts!

ok, the t-shirts were not the most important things. of course, the blogroll amnesty day celebrations were the most important things, and we discuss that in length below in our fallen comrades post.
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Congrats Zippy.

From an old schooler.

-Charles Patrick Adkins
AKA The Populist
Now just over here:

Blogging since 2006. Now happily an old 40 year old Buchananite Conservative with libertarian leanings. I have not forgot where I came from though man.

My best,

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thanks pat!

and if i ever see zippy, i'll give him your regards!
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