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Friday, July 06, 2012

raul castro, 96, gets pulled over in arizona

of course he was. with a last name like that. with a skin color that wasn't caucasian. his case of being detained by arizona officials in 100 degree heat for more than half an hour should come no surprise. cases like this happen frequently since arizona passed its "show them papers" law. there is one major difference, though. a difference that will make people to pause, just a second, about arizona's "papers" law in raul castro's case.

raul castro is a former governor of the state of arizona.
the wife and a friend of former arizona gov. raul castro are calling for changes in border patrol procedures after agents recently detained the frail 96-year-old in 100-degree heat for more than a half-hour.

castro said he was traveling from his home in nogales, ariz., to celebrate his 96th birthday in tucson when his vehicle triggered a radiation sensor at the border patrol checkpoint on interstate 19 north of tubac.

castro said agents sent him to another inspection area and continued to question him outside his vehicle for 40 to 45 minutes even though he explained that he had undergone hospital testing on his pacemaker the previous day, likely triggering the sensor. - az central
think progress has more....
this is the third time the former governor and ambassador has been detained by border control. the first occurred years ago while he was repairing his own fence and agents stopped him and asked to see his work card — although they eventually desisted after castro pointed out a sign by his farm entrance that read “judge castro.” the second occurred years later in san diego, although that encounter ended shortly after someone recognized castro and said “governor, how are you?”

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