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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

the mysterious millions of mittens

is it "blood money?" you don't think he would handle american lives the same way...squeezing the maximum life out of the 99%?
....the romneys were reported to have invested at least $1 million in elliott associates, l.p., a hedge fund specializing in “distressed assets.” elliott buys up cheap debt, often at cents on the dollar, from lenders to deeply troubled nations such as congo-brazzaville, then attacks the debtor states with lawsuits to squeeze maximum repayment. elliott is run by the secretive hedge-fund billionaire and g.o.p. super-donor paul singer, whom fortune recently dubbed mitt romney’s “hedge fund kingmaker.” (singer has given $1 million to romney’s super-pac restore our future.) - vanity fair
is this the really the type of president we want? the president our country can afford?

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