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Monday, July 23, 2012

michele bachman's words

inspire hate....and threats of violence.
huma abedin, the deputy chief of staff to secretary of state hillary clinton and the wife of former rep. anthony weiner (d-ny.), has been placed under police protection after receiving a threat, according to a report in the new york post.

the report, which cites unnamed law enforcement sources, says abedin was threatened by a man after rep. michele bachmann (r-mn) last week claimed the state department official had family ties to the muslim brotherhood and called for a probe.- the hill

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And Boehner still thinks she belongs anywhere near the Intelligence Committee? Someone dumber than she is, evidently. She ought to be ashamed, but then, shame is not in the GOP playbook. N or is critical thinking, empathy, love of others, and honesty. Come on, MN, send this moron back to her farm so she can lobby for more evil government subsidies.
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