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Sunday, July 29, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those little stories not bandied about on the talking head shows....

bee protection group under fire for failing to fight pesticide "armageddon." - a major bee conservation group in scotland has become embroiled in a bitter row for failing to back a ban on nicotine-based pesticides blamed for killing bees - glasgow herald

california ranchers hit by midwest drought. - california ranchers may be hit harder by the drought in the nation's heartland than farmers in the corn belt - sfchron

extreme drought areas in us nearly triple in one week . - the us drought monitor reports that areas on the nation under extreme drought conditions in key agricultural states has tripled in the past week. - treehugger

midwest crops, fish, water supply punished by drought. - temperatures heading north of 100 degrees fahrenheit and scarce rain portended another blistering weekend for much of the u.s. widwest, where the most extensive drought since 1956 is devastating crops, evaporating rivers, and threatening to push world food prices higher - reuters

on the missouri river, drought's effects are diluted by tapping northern reserves. - in times like these, you might have to dip into your savings. that’s true even for the missouri river. the big muddy has run through this year’s supply of snowpack and rain and is now drawing on reserves held in lakes upriver in north dakota and montana - kansas city star

in dallas area, high water use can be tied to affluence. - the biggest drain is water for landscaping. and that will come at a steep cost. state experts say that in the next 50 years, north texas will need an estimated $21 billion of new reservoirs and infrastructure to sustain the region’s water use as the climate gets hotter and the population grows. - dallas morning news

the london array: the world's largest offshore wind farm. - as britain strives to meet european renewable energy targets, the world’s largest offshore wind farm is rising from the waves off the coasts of kent and essex. - the telegraph

nationwide insurance won't insure fracturing. - after nationwide insurance publicly announced it wouldn’t offer coverage for property damage caused by hydraulic fracturing, the aftermath that ensued lit up a firestorm of anti-fracking rhetoric - sydney herald

north korea floods kill 88, leave thousands homeless. - flooding across impoverished north korea this month has killed 88 people, left tens of thousands homeless and devastated swathes of farmland, state media said. - afp

why science is a non-issue in the us presidential election – again. - in the face of a massive drought and climbing sea levels, are the presidential candidates going to talk about climate change? why is science always at the bottom of the list of campaign issues that resonate with the public? - talk of the nation

forgotten tragedy: timor sea oil spill. - it's been called the forgotten tragedy. fishing communities in indonesia's west timor region say their livelihoods have been contaminated by one of australia's biggest oil spills, the montara disaster in the timor sea - australia abc news

paraguay opens doors to unregulated foreign investment. - in his first month as president of paraguay, federico franco has thrown open the doors of his country to foreign investments that have raised questions about environmental safety - interpress service

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