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Sunday, July 22, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories not bandied about on the talking head shows this morning.

dry as a bone: drought's wide impact is likely to last for years. - of all natural disasters, drought is the most common and the least understood. around kansas city, drought creeps — first claiming the missouri crop grower, then the kansas cattleman who can’t afford grain to feed livestock. - kansas city star

scientists discover pacific ocean contains higher than normal levels of caffeine. - if you've ever fancied a quick pick me up at the beach, you may not have far to look. scientists said they have found elevated levels of caffeine at several sites in the pacific ocean off the coast of oregon - london daily mail

baltimore's aging water system needs makeover. - nationwide, water system managers have awakened to the need to keep tabs on the condition of underground pipes and replace them before they fail, sometimes with catastrophic results. but many local officials have been unable or unwilling to confront the staggering cost and scale of a comprehensive overhaul. more than 60 miles of lines are deemed at high risk of breaking. - baltimore sun

dupont facing 30,000 claims for tree deaths. - a year after it became clear that a new and highly touted lawn herbicide called imprelis was killing and damaging many thousands of trees around the country, the manufacturer, dupont, is busy processing claims for compensation. some 30,000 homeowners, golf courses, municipalities and landscapers have submitted claims - new york times

record summer temperatures, by the numbers. - the weather this summer has been so extreme that it has rivaled the most destructive and unbearable summers in u.s. history, years that are infamous in weather lore. those years include 1988, which was the year that nasa scientist james hansen first warned the u.s. senate about the consequences of manmade global warming. - climate central

sen. merkley, citing climate fears, wants big study of coal export plans. - sen. jeff merkley (d-or.) is pressuring the obama administration to conduct a sweeping environmental review of proposals for coal export facilities in washington and oregon  - the hill

drought affects large swaths of u.s. - a devastating drought has taken over areas of the rocky mountains and midwest. author and conservationist william debuys tells renee montagne that one of the shocking things has been the number of new high temperature records. - morning edition npr

massive southeastern oregon wildfires: did weather, cows or grazing policies fuel the flames? - on one thing ranchers, federal land managers and environmentalists can agree: the long draw fire that devoured an area more than six times the size of portland in a week will take years to heal - the oregonian

fukushima workers told to lie about radiation exposure. - a japanese subcontractor working for the stricken fukushima nuclear plant has admitted it asked workers to lie about radiation exposure. - australia abc news

louisiana senator seeks faster permits for oil drilling. - continuing the lengthy battle with the obama administration over complaints it is still taking too long to approve new drilling permits, sen. david vitter, r-la., proposed legislation switching permitting decisions from the interior department to the department of energy - nola times picayune

green groups target new mexico senate race. - new mexico’s senate race has turned into a key test of political strength for the environmental movement, which is spending heavily to block former-rep. heather wilson's (r-nm) bid - the hill

lobster catch bottoms out. - prior to a massive die-off in 1999, connecticut's lobster fishery was worth more than $100 million a year. now, it's a fraction of that, and researchers from the state department of energy and environmental protection are embarking on another study looking at the effect pesticides may have played in the die-off - bridgeport ct post

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