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Sunday, July 01, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that you probably didn't hear about on the talking head shows.

race is on to tame mercury poisoning. - len anderson grew up eating the fish he caught in minnesota's st. louis river. but for the most part, his grandkids can't eat those big fish. they're contaminated with mercury. controlling the dangerous pollutant could have big consequences for the state's tourism and mining industries - minneapolis star tribune

blistering drought threatens kentucky crops. - the lack of water and the hot conditions in western kentucky are particularly bad for the state’s two biggest non-livestock crops — corn and soybeans. the corn crop is so desperate for water that kernels are aborting, farmers said. - louisville courier journal

drought stirs anxieties in farm country. - as crop growth slows and grazing pastures turn brittle, many farmers are looking to the rainless skies with a building sense of dread, while watching a growing season - expected to be one of the best on record - evaporate in the blazing sun - st. louis post dispatch

temperatures in chattanooga region expected to outpace nation's. - a string of 100-plus-degree days is scorching the region. record-breaking heat burned 16 tennessee counties and broke 25 heat records in 2011. it's not random, and it's not a fluke, according to experts. it's climate change. - chattanooga times free press

amazon web services knocked offline by storms. - people who tried to watch netflix on friday evening saw nothing but red. instagram users couldn’t upload or view photos. and a number of other web sites and services were knocked offline. storms had disrupted amazon web services, which stores vast amounts of data for companies worldwide. - wapo

derecho: behind washington, d.c.'s destructive thunderstorm outbreak. - one of the most destructive complexes of thunderstorms in memory swept through the d.c. area on friday night. as the intensity of the heat wave, without reservation, was a key factor in the destructiveness of this derecho event - it raises the question about the possible role of manmade climate warming - wapo

climate change shares blame in utah fires. - you could blame some of utah’s wildfires on bad judgment - starting up a hot vehicle’s exhaust pipe on dry grass or target shooting on parched hillsides. you could point to bad luck, namely lightning and wind. but there is another culprit in all the blazes: climate change - salt lake tribune

forest service ecologist expects california 'super fires'. - intense and deeply destructive "super fires," like colorado's current waldo canyon fire, which has claimed two lives and burned 350 homes, are almost assured in northern california's future, according to a u.s. forest service scientist - sacramento bee

colorado wildfires visible in video from international space station. - footage released by nasa shows that the wildfires which have ravaged colorado this month have been visible from space. the footage was captured from the international space station (iss), the research and observation vessel that orbits more than 200 miles above the planet's surface - the guardian

ranchers, farmers seeking solutions to u.s. water worries. - a recent stretch of devastating drought in texas and fears of ongoing water scarcity across many parts of the united states are pushing cattle rancher gary price and others in ranching and farming into new frontiers of water conservation - reuters

seas around new york city are rising faster than elsewhere: study. - the study, published last week in the journal nature climate change finds that sea levels are rising three to four times more quickly than average along a 620-mile stretch from central north carolina to north of boston. - wnyc public radio

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Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will die the agonizing death of mercury poisoning --but at least he will die early and thus reduce the surplus population.
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