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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 years of skippy: congratulations from our friends

one of the great things about blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase, is the community of like-minded folks that all of us have created. people all across the land are able to stay in touch, trade ideas and snark, and generally not feel so all alone in this rapidly deteriorating world.

and we are reminded of this as we look thru our mailbox, enjoying the well-wishes from our blogging buddies.

the erudite and lovely jeralyn merritt, law superstar as well as cable news regular, is not only the founder and driving force behind talkleft (which also celebrated their 10 year blogiversary last month), she is also the person who coined the phrase, "blogiversary"!

jeralyn was one of our earliest and staunchest supporters, and we are very proud to have her send us her good wishes:
Happy 10th Blogiversary, Skippy! I remember when you began. Your creativity, wit and humor has always made Skippy stand out as a unique voice in the blogosphere. I have also appreciated your positive attitude and willingness to reach out to other bloggers. Congratulations on reaching the decade mark, I wish there were another 10 Skippys.

Jeralyn at TalkLeft.com

rj eskow's blog, night light, was an early pioneer in blogtopia (y!wctp!). rj was also one of our early co-bloggers. he went on to bigger and better things as being a regular on the huffington post. rj sends his greetings:
"skippy's blog is kinda like Robert Frost's definition of home: "When you have to go there, they have to take you in." No, actually, it's way better than that. When I was suddenly put out in the street by a petty blog squabble, skippy didn't have to take me in at all. But he did, 'cause that's the kind of kangaroo he is.

"What I found there was more than a blog: It was a genuine community. What skippy and the gang did for me was more than just an act of kindness. They kept me going when I was ready to give up. They may curse themselves every day for that -- and if they don't, I'm sure I can find them a volunteer. But I'll always appreciate it, no matter how bigheaded, arrogant, neglectful and self-centered I continue to be as I follow my downward trajectory in these, my sunset years.

"Peace out, and love to the house of skippy - rje"

our good friend brad friedman, of the bradblog, is a tenacious protector of voting rights. more than anyone else, brad has documented the ever-quickening erosion of said rights in this country. we are tickled to know him personally, and even more so that he took time from his busy schedule to write us this:
after an amazing ten years of blogging, one would think skippy would finally be able to afford to get that caps lock key on his keyboard fixed. alas, he still hasn't. i'm starting to think it might be on purpose.

but what do i know? I've only been at it for 8 and a half years, unlike mr. decade.

thanks for your unapologetic feistiness, on-target ass-kicking and unwavering whimsy for each and every one of those years, skipper! congrats! and, imagine that, you didn't even have to make shit up or lie about wearing a pimp costume even once to help make the blogosphere (and no, you didn't coin that phrase) and world a much better place over all of those years.

other than that, please quit blogging soon. i'd hate to be outdone by a kangaroo.


you can read some other well-wishers at their own blogs:

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bluegal (aka fran to her friends - who is our partner along with the late jon swift in our annual blogroll amnesty day project) wishes us the best over at her gig @ crooks&liars

august j. pollack, the genius behind our goofy 'roo logo, expresses his regards at some guy with a website
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