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Thursday, June 28, 2012

risking their lives to save others

fighting fires to save lives and property, to save whole communities. braving walls of raging fire, battling the ferocious heat, inhaling the ash leaden air, firefighters have our admiration, but they often don't have health insurance.
of all the jobs where you might want health insurance, firefighting near certainly ranks near the top of the list. firefighters spend two-week shifts working 18 hour days in dangerous conditions. some develop breathing problems due to smoke inhalation.

but many federal firefighters are temporary employees, who only work six months out of the year (although as lauer describes it, they can often work a full year’s worth of hours with the long shifts). under federal regulations, temporary employees of the forest service do not receive benefits. that means no health care and no retirement pension. - wapo 
why do self indulgent, well manicured white collar banksters who thrive on destroying communities and our country get health insurance and the often scared, charred and exhausted firefighters who thrive on saving communities and our country don't?

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Banksters AND politicians.... they get the Cadillac health insurance coverage.
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