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Saturday, June 30, 2012

change of address form

our old buddy jesse taylor and his co-blogger the notorious amanada marcotte have moved! now you can find pandagon over ay raw story!

be sure to bookmark it!
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Sixteen Years, Sixteen Banners United

I knew last year what song I would posting for today. It is entirely coincident that this will be the first time in the twenty-plus I've known her (or the nineteen-ish she believes she's known me) that my wife is not a dues-paying SAG member.

Happy Anniversary to the woman who didn't even blink when I came home Friday reading a copy of My Friend Dahmer.* *I blame Erin, and note that the book is everything she promised it would be.

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saturday afternoon

a liberal infiltrates a gop town hall full of propaganda

mitt's mendacity part xxiv

who was the real winner in thursday scotus ruling? the people

inspired by a typo: affordable care cat
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Friday, June 29, 2012

skippy's friday night music club

a little swing action from some local area boys done good...i mean...bad. big and bad.

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friday's angels

five lies found in tax-payer supported fundamentalist textbooks

"not racist" - oh really?

fast and furious blows up in the gop's face

drunk texting from famous authors
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

obamacare upheld by scotus

chief justice john roberts was the swing vote. he sided with the liberal wing of the court.

has someone checked to see if hades just got a tad bit cooler?

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risking their lives to save others

fighting fires to save lives and property, to save whole communities. braving walls of raging fire, battling the ferocious heat, inhaling the ash leaden air, firefighters have our admiration, but they often don't have health insurance.
of all the jobs where you might want health insurance, firefighting near certainly ranks near the top of the list. firefighters spend two-week shifts working 18 hour days in dangerous conditions. some develop breathing problems due to smoke inhalation.

but many federal firefighters are temporary employees, who only work six months out of the year (although as lauer describes it, they can often work a full year’s worth of hours with the long shifts). under federal regulations, temporary employees of the forest service do not receive benefits. that means no health care and no retirement pension. - wapo 
why do self indulgent, well manicured white collar banksters who thrive on destroying communities and our country get health insurance and the often scared, charred and exhausted firefighters who thrive on saving communities and our country don't?

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the president no one is listening to

because he is saying some mighty uncomfortable things about the state of the union of the corporate states of america......but no one is listening to former president, jimmy carter.
the former president accuses his post-9/11 successors of breaking the law and trampling on human rights. that should be a bigger deal. - the atlantic

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thursday afternoon

washpost will not retract story on bain despite romney's request

calculating house effects of polling firms

aaron sorkin is a condescending prick - but internet girl gets the last laugh

margaret and helen thinkvagina is a six-letter word

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

have a coke and a....

cancer causing ingredient.
coca-cola co's namesake soda sold in several countries, including brazil and kenya, still contains a high level of a chemical linked to cancer in animals months after it made changes to the drinks sold in california, a u.s. watchdog group said on tuesday. - reuters

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colorado blaze jumps containment lines

and doubles in size.
a stubborn and towering wildfire jumped firefighters' perimeter lines in the hills overlooking colorado dprings, forcing frantic mandatory evacuation notices for more than 32,000 residents, including the u.s. air force academy, and destroying an unknown number of homes.
..."people are freaking out," kathleen tillman told the denver post. "you are driving through smoke. it is completely pitch black, and there is tons of ash dropping on the road."
...colorado springs fire chief richard brown told the post, "this is a firestorm of epic proportions."- sfgate

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wednesday night

the myth of mitt romney saving utah's olympic games

10 ideas for taking america back from the 1%

man files suit against bristol palin & her tv network

long after occupy site was abandoned, one lone plant rises 'high'

and rip writer-filmmaker nora ephron
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the banksters

and how they are scamming our country out of its future.
...the defendants in the case – dominick carollo, steven goldberg and peter grimm – worked for ge capital, the finance arm of general electric. along with virtually every major bank and finance company on wall street – not just ge, but j.p. morgan chase, bank of america, ubs, lehman brothers, bear stearns, wachovia and more – these three wall street wiseguys spent the past decade taking part in a breathtakingly broad scheme to skim billions of dollars from the coffers of cities and small towns across america. the banks achieved this gigantic rip-off by secretly colluding to rig the public bids on municipal bonds, a business worth $3.7 trillion. by conspiring to lower the interest rates that towns earn on these investments, the banks systematically stole from schools, hospitals, libraries and nursing homes – from "virtually every state, district and territory in the united states," according to one settlement. and they did it so cleverly that the victims never even knew they were being ­cheated. no thumbs were broken, and nobody ended up in a landfill in new jersey, but money disappeared, lots and lots of it, and its manner of disappearance had a familiar name: organized crime.- matt taibbi over at rolling stone

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tuesday heartbreak

complain about your job on facebook, horrible things will happen

u.s. navy recovers 19,000 pounds of pot from the ocean

goper accidentally gets candid about voter id

mitt romney is terrible for traffic
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Monday, June 25, 2012

monday bar

glenn beck says his new music project will destroy 'glee'

cartoons of the day - big money edition

sad white babies with mean feminist mommies

and rip lonesome george, the last galapagos turtle in the world
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Sunday, June 24, 2012

bill moyers + matt taibbi

= discussion worth listening to.

matt taibbi and yves smith join bill to discuss how the folly and corruption of both banks and government leaves deep wounds in our democracy

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environmental news stories sunday

for the stories you probably didn't hear about this morning on the talking heads shows...

citing drought, wyoming governor seeks disaster declaration. - wyoming's governor, citing drought conditions, has asked for a federal disaster declaration after dwindling runoff from meager winter snowpack combined with an especially dry spring and early summer hit ranchers hard, his office said on friday - reuters

colorado wildfire: fire races north of poudre canyon. - a resurgent high park fire, already the most destructive in state history, consumed even more homes friday, as hot weather and high winds allowed the blaze to rage northward, burning as many as 10 homes. - denver post

eight wildfires roaring across colorado. - on the hottest day of the year so far, wildfires erupted throughout colorado on saturday, producing fast-moving fires that burned down homes in estes park, forced evacuations in colorado springs and shut down state highways in southern colorado  - denver post 

great lakes water diversion. - the city of waukesha, wis. (pop. 70,718), which sits on the western edge of metropolitan milwaukee, has a bad problem with its water supply—radium. radium is a cancer causer that gets into the water as aquifers get sucked dry - baltimore post examiner

great lakes cities smash long-time heat records. - thirty-eight cities in the great lakes region knocked out serious long-standing heat records, according to the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, which administers the data center. nationwide, 104 cities set records - great lakes echo

evangelicals stand up for the epa on climate change. - this sunday morning the evangelical environmental network will be running tv spots in key states - virginia, ohio, pennsylvania, Missouri, among others - asking viewers to tell their senators that defending the epa’s ability to reduce carbon pollution is "the right thing to do. - paramus post

deluge did a number on fish. - it's possible, even likely, that an entire year class, possibly two, of steelhead vanished in minnesota. - minneapolis star tribune

gm grass linked to texas cattle deaths. - a mysterious mass death of a herd of cattle has prompted a federal investigation in central texas. preliminary tests revealed the genetically-modified form of bermuda grass-- called tifton 85 grass--, which has been here for years, had suddenly started producing cyanide gas, poisoning the cattle - cbs news

pollen on the rise: report. - around the globe, pollen counts are increasing and australian bureau of statistics data suggests it could be affecting our health. Some scientists believe climate change could be to blame for the rise in pollen - melbourne herald sun

great northern mop-up begins after a month of rain falls in just one day. - northern england began mopping up after a month's rainfall falling in 24 hours saw waist-high water flowing down streets and families forced to flee their homes. cumbria bore the brunt, with almost 10cm of rain overnight on friday. - london oberserver

plastics chemical linked to obesity in kids. - new research suggests that chemicals called phthalates, which are found in the plastics that pacifiers and toys are typically made of, may be linked to higher rates of obesity in children - us world and news report

u.s. consumers say 'no' to antibiotics. - a u.s. consumer group is campaigning to get local supermarkets to sell only meat that has been raised without antibiotics. the campaign by consumers union, the public policy arm of consumer reports, coincides with the release of a study that suggests 86 percent of americans want meat raised without antibiotics - upi

rising seas mean shrinking south florida future, experts say. - under current projections, the Atlantic would swallow much of the florida keys and miami-dade in a century, according to experts at a sea-level rise summit - miami herald

living in the new abnormal because of climate change. - a panel saturday morning at the opening session of the aspen environment forum painted an often bleak picture of how climate change is altering the world and how humans are dealing with the challenges - aspen times

study: southern california to get hot, hot, hot. - by mid-century, the number of days with "extreme heat"— temperatures above 95 degrees—will triple in downtown los angeles, and quadruple in the san fernando valley - los alamitos patch

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groovin' on a sunday afternoon

legalized weed does not lead to an increase in teen drug use

chronicling mitt's mendacity volume xxiii

colorado sceptic conference next july

it's the fluffington post!

and rip actress caroline john, who played the third doctor's capable scientist-comapanion (and proto-type for dana scully and olivia dunham) liz shaw
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Saturday, June 23, 2012

skippy's saturday night music club

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sarah saturday

mary cheney marries her partner

only 6 corporations own 90% of all american print, broadcst and digital media outlets

how christian fundamentalist homeschooling hurts children

are men with stay-at-hime wives more sexist than men with wives in the work force?

and nobody reads al qaeda magazine
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Friday, June 22, 2012

skippy's friday night music club

remember when you could actually hear the lyrics to songs?

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happy cat blogging friday

Spider is a Demo-cat by santa barbarian
Spider is a Demo-cat, a photo by santa barbarian on Flickr.

spider is a demo-cat.
loves watching rachel meow-dow

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friday you said goodbye

job seeker sues company for asking when he was 'saved'

bristol palin's reality show bombs in the ratings

seriously, what is it with all this misogyny at skeptic/atheist conferences?

doj prosecutes edwards and clemons while banksters go unscathed
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Thursday, June 21, 2012

skippy's thursday night music club

a little theatrical number....from an amazing singer.

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this thursday

romney made $20,000 for every worker he fired

during the recession, credit card debt dropped

123 delegates to the gop convention have fiked suits asking they be allowed to not vote for romney

if you name your cow she will produce more milk

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

skippy's wednesday night music club

a little ditty sung by elvis set in the "exotic" environs of hawai'i.
(well...actually a jail on one of the islands during the filming of blue hawaii)
thinking of hawai'i this evening after hearing the news that sometime
santa barbara resident, larry ellison has purchased most of the island of lanai.
that's right....one of the 1% buys 98% of one of the hawaiian islands.

of course, when we usually think of hawai'i, we think of fellow reality based blogger, linkmeister. stop on by his place and say "aloha."

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ok, now life really is hell

life in hell has ended.
matt groening has put an end to his life in hell comic strip, the weekly comic that he's been drawing for 35 years. - latimes

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ron paul hates social security

but he's receiving a check. oh, yeah that's right. he's got his...he just doesn't want you to have yours.
texas rep. ron paul (r-tx), a libertarian hero, last year said that allowing social security to exist is akin to permitting slavery. but during an appearance on msnbc’s morning joe today, paul admitted to the huffington post’s sam stein that he collects social security checks anyway - think progress

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wednesday morning 3 a.m.

breaking: progressives aren't losers

only 13.5% of food workers make a living wage

ignoring the right wing noise machine is the wrong thing to do

and rip veteran character actor (and beatles repertoire player) victor spinetti
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

skippy's tuesday night music club

i admit. paul was the cutest beatle...but ringo was always my favorite.

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tuesday heartache

renters vs. buyers: 6 reasons why renters win

wells fargo takes revenge on blog for posting about how improper foreclosure led to a suicide

willful ignorance: the chosen mindset of the religious community

finally,, they've compiled the definitive microbe census
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Monday, June 18, 2012

skippy's monday night music club

happy 70th birthday, sir paul!

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monday at the hug & pint

michigan state rep calls nurses union staffer a c**t

the hospital shakedown

welcome back, jim crow

belief in god plummets among youth
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Sunday, June 17, 2012

skippy's sunday night music club

still revisiting the 80's....

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would this be allowed to happen in beverly hills

no charges filed against the officers involved.
kenneth chamberlain sr., a 68-year-old african-american marine veteran, was fatally shot in november by white plains, ny, police who responded to a false alarm from his medical alert pendant. the officers broke down chamberlain’s door, tasered him, and then shot him dead - democratic underground

heard about this on a recent "best of the left" episode.

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environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories you didn't hear on the talking head shows this morning.

call to ban toxic chemicals. - when environmental advocate laura turner seydel - and daughter of ted turner - found out that her family’s blood was full of toxic chemicals, she decided to take action - living on earth

cleveland's waste to watts program proves controversial. - for years, cleveland has flirted with a little-known technology for converting garbage into electric power, attracted by the idea of a green alternative to dispatching 230,000 tons of trash to ohio landfills yearly and relying on coal-fired plants to supply cleveland public power's customers. - cleveland plain dealer

mozambique farmland is prize in land grab fever. - in these days of financial uncertainty, the hot new investment tip is farmland. this spring, 750 wall street types crowded into new york's waldorf-astoria hotel for a conference on investing in global agriculture. first of a two-part series - all things considered

pesticide found near drinking water dam. - pesticides have been detected upstream of a reservoir that feeds melbourne's drinking water supply, sparking calls by an environmental group for an urgent upgrade of the dam's filtration and treatment plant - sydney morning herald

eco-friendly model home reflects green movement's edging into the mainstream. - the new house of the future is being marketed with a decidedly more practical goal in mind: to save you big bucks in energy and water consumption. - wapo

report shows climate change, growth will strain state's water supply. - washington state faces huge challenges to provide needed water for growth and to overcome the effects of climate change over the next 20 years, a new forecast report suggests - yakima herald republic

arctic sea ice dips below ominous milestone, - ahis week the extent of arctic sea ice dipped below the extent for 2007, according to the national snow and ice data center. the 2007 season holds the record for lowest arctic sea-ice extent in recorded history. - mother jones

research buoys will pay off. - thanks to a nearly $3 million show of support from the state, high tech buoys will soon be measuring ocean acidity levels year round, and alaska fishermen will play an important role in the research. basic chemistry proves that ocean waters are becoming more corrosive and it is happening faster in colder waters - anchorage daily news

big oil doesn't want to share with renewables, iowa governor says. - gov. terry branstad took another shot at the oil industry and what he and biofuels supporters see is a campaign by big oil to hold back the development of renewable energy. - des moines register

a new lease of eco life. - until recently, renters who wished to create a sustainable home didn't have many options. but all that is changing thanks to a swag of state and federal government programs. - sydney morning herald

the melting north. - a heat map of the world, colour-coded for temperature change, shows the arctic in sizzling maroon. since 1951 it has warmed roughly twice as much as the global average. there is no serious doubt about the basic cause of the warming. it is, in the arctic as everywhere, the result of an increase in co2, released when fossil fuels are burned - economist

colorado wildfire could burn all summer, officials fear. - officials worry that the mammoth high park blaze - now only 10% contained - could burn all summer, devastating not only the state's air and water quality, but also its $10-billion annual tourism industry. - latte times

keystone xl pipeline still misses the mark. - even with the new route, ruptures and leaks could harm the niobrara river, sage grouse habitat, walleye fisheries and still impact the ogallala aquifer, the source of drinking water to about 2 million people in eight states and a critical water supply for agriculture - denver post

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gloomy sunday

ultra-rich whine about having their campaign contributions exposed

republicans eat their own: grover norquist vs. jeb bush

churches, here's some phrases to avoid putting on the marquee out front

this is the dawning of the sound of asparagus
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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The anihibilation of an etym exploodonates...

Sorry, guys, the title is from memory.

Among other things, the funniest novel ever written in English (in the section referenced above) created the word "quark."

Strangeness, color, charm...Happy James-Joyce-loses-his-virginity-to-Nora Day!*

*Whether Nora was also uninitiated at that point is left as a question of history.
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same old saturday night

did we say we discovered a particle that moves faster than light? we meant, "slower than light"

chronicling mitt's mendacity continued

environmental scientists say world as we know it about to end

john edwards, 18th century minister, in john edwards, 21st century scumbag
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Friday, June 15, 2012

skippy's friday night music club

a little gypsy swing to end the day...

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20 years ago

the potato(e) read 'round the world.

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cat blogging friday

funny cat pictures - Be careful..On hot summer days, note that the melting point of cats is about 105.6 degrees.

more furry, fuzzy, scaly, feather frolics over on the friday ark.


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global warming's evil twin

threatens the west coast's fisheries.
over the next few decades, coastal waters off of california, oregon, and washington are in danger of becoming acidic enough to harm the rich fisheries and diverse marine ecosystems there, according to a new study - christian science monitor

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the vagina non-dialogues

michigan gop dicks hate the "v" word and, quite clearly, hate those americans who are in possession of one. they don't want to hear them....
a male republican house leader in michigan silenced two female democratic state legislators on thursday after the pair tried to advance a measure that would have reduced access to vasectomies.

while discussing a bill that would erode the availability of abortion, reps. barb byrum and lisa brown introduced an amendment to apply the same regulations to vasectomies that gop lawmakers wanted to add to abortion services. the debate grew heated, as republicans sought to gravel down the women. byrum was not permitted to speak in favor of the measure and brown was repeatedly interrupted. “i’m flattered that you want to get in my vagina, but no means no,” she said. the next day both were silenced.- think progress
"if they are going to legislate my anatomy, i see no reason why i cannot mention it," - lisa brown (npr)

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friday street

electoral college predictions from talking points memo

female michigan state rep silenced by gop for saying 'vagina'

get your helmets! the milky way will crash into the andromeda galaxy in 4 billion years

from the "ain't karma a bitch" dept: convicted murderer eaten by a bear
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down the penrose lane


more @ penrose on politics!
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

this ordinary thursday

cafe owner mad at romney for ruining her place

the gop's disturbing passion for raising taxes on the poor

how the nra and alec spread stand your ground nationwide

and one facebook thread to rule them all

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mittens meets the public

and makes one cafe owner feel..."mocked."
dianne bauer opened up her cafe to mitt romney and his campaign for a small round table discussion friday morning before his speech at bayliss park.

...bauer's issues with the campaigns staffers started the night before when they started staging the cafe for the event. she described many of their demeanors as "arrogant".

...."with how he treated me, is that how he's going to treat others? you know, if he gets in office is he going to be that way to us little people?" - fox42 news kptm

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

skippy's wednesday night music club

still stuck in the 80's

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wednesday morning

rick scott = snidely whiplash?

73% who shoot blacks in florida and use the stand your ground law walk

german teen solves 300 year old math problem by isaac newton

it's the invisible hand of the free market man!
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the vicious cycle of economic inequality

the must read opinion piece by nobel prize winning economist, joseph e. stiglitz
economic inequality feeds into inequalities of political power, leading to still more economic inequality. the u.s. is headed down the path that so many dysfunctional societies have traveled — divided societies in which the rich and poor live in different worlds. the rich residing in gated communities, with their own parks and schools.
we know what happens to these societies. it’s not something to which we should aspire.  - politico

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the west is on fire

and, apparently fires are a threat to the security of the homeland.
the department of homeland Security meanwhile said it was working closely with emergency services tackling wildfires in a number of western states also including arizona, california, utah and wyoming.
in all 19 active large fires were burning in nine states, "including one of the largest wildfires in new mexico history and one of the largest wildfires in colorado history," it said. and some 4,500 extra firefighters have been dispatched by federal agencies, which are also providing emergency funding to help states cope with the costs of tackling mass blazes. - the telegraph

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

skippy's tuesday night music club

music in the 80's wasn't all about the bad hair and synthesizers....sometimes it was an ode to days gone by, especially if done by the amazing joe jackson.

the first clip from one of my favorite movies of that decade, tucker, that joe jackson did the music for....

the second is from his album "jumpin' jive" an homage to louis jordan and cab calloway.


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tuesday afternoon

republicans eat their own: grover norquist vs. jeb bush

new kind of tiles turns footfall kinetic energy into electricity

foes of alabama's anti-immigration law call for state boycott

koch brothers linked to florida voter purge
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race to the bottom

looks like wall street is hell bent on our country winning it...
the recent recession wiped out nearly two decades of americans’ wealth, according to government data released monday, with ­middle-class families bearing the brunt of the decline.
 the federal reserve said the median net worth of families plunged by 39 percent in just three years, from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010. that puts americans roughly on par with where they were in 1992. - wapo

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Monday, June 11, 2012

skippy's monday night music club

more remembering the musical 80's.....

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it might as well stay monday from now on

solyndra loan started under bush

what is it with all this mysogyny at skeptic conferences?

not only does romney like to impersonate cops, so does his staff

infra-red sensing beetle seek fire in which to breed
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Sunday, June 10, 2012

skippy's sunday night music club

a little look back at the 80's.....

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environmental news stories sunday

violence hits brazil tribes in scramble for land.- the expansion of huge cattle ranches and industrial-scale farms in remote regions of brazil has produced a land scramble that is leaving the ancestors of brazil’s original inhabitants desperate to recover tribal terrains, in some cases squatting on contested properties - nytimes

strawberry farms suck spain dry. - for decades, local fruit farmers around doñana have used wells, legal or not, on the perimeter of the vast wetland on spain's south-western coast. "If the doñana park were a patient, it would be on the point of entering the intensive care unit," said eva hernandez of the world wildlife fund - the independent

fire retardants in food. - fire retardant chemicals are commonly found in household items like furniture and electronics. But a new study found them in a place you probably wouldn’t expect: food - living on earth

record heat marches on: texas and contiguous US had warmest spring on record. - much of texas has been getting something of a break from the history-making, headline-grabbing drought of 2011 in recent months, but the state’s excessive heat marches on. In 2012, texas had its warmest spring on record and its third warmest january-through-may period. - texas climate news

north texas water needs could cost billions in coming years. - meeting the water needs of north texas 50 years from now will require significant conservation, at least several new reservoirs, an unbending political will and a whole lot of money - dallas morning news

water war reignites as l.a. resists fixing some owens lake dust. -los angeles and the owens valley are at war over water again, with the city trying to rework a historic agreement aimed at stopping massive dust storms that have besieged the eastern sierra nevada since l.a. opened an aqueduct 99 years ago that drained owens lake. - latte times

the deadly legacy of america's fields of gold. - richard nixon is remembered for his infamous part in the watergate scandal, but his lasting legacy may be a burgeoning army of people in the west who are too fat- the independent

virginia lawmakers avoid climate buzzwords. - state lawmakers discovered that they could not use the phrases "sea level rise" or "climate change" in requesting a study because of objections from republican colleagues. so they did away with all mention of sea level rise, substituting a more politically neutral phrase: "recurrent flooding." - hampton roads virginian-pilot 

groups fight back after conservatives try to dilute environmental laws. - discord between the tories and environmentalists began when the federal natural resources minister maligned environmental groups as radicals. it escalated with the introduction of a package of new laws, some directly targeting charities and environmental protections. - vancouver sun

longtime Hinkley residents haven't looked back from community plagued with contaminated water. - now living near apple valley, california, the kearney family left behind their dream house in hinkley, which had turned into a nightmare due to a plume of carcinogenic chromium 6. Since then, they haven't looked back. - san bernardino county sun

potomac named most endangered river. A conservation group says the potomac river is the most endangered river this year in the united states – that pollution in the potomac is decreasing water quality, threatening marine life and will become worse if congress rolls back national clean-water protections - voice of america

shell oil injunction forces greenpeace to get creative. - with a judge ordering greenpeace's boats to stay away from shell's arctic rigs, the anti-drilling organization turns to social media and other means of getting its message out - latimes

oil's dirty price in north dakota. -oil and gas fracking operators in north dakota have dumped at least 1.7 million gallons of brine and 716,000 gallons of oil on the western plains between 2009 and 2011. and that's just what they've reported - minneapolis star tribune

state allows industrial-scale exploration without hearings. - for the last 24 years, mining companies have been exploring for copper and gold on state lands in the headwaters of bristol bay.and they've done all that - with the state's permission - without public notice, without inviting public comment, and without public hearings - anchorage daily news

house committee adopts bill banning epa, corps from issuing water act guidance. - the house transportation committee adopts bill to prohibit epa and army corps from finalizing guidance clarifying clean water act jurisdiction and from using that document to issue rules or decisions - bloomberg bna

nebraska cattlemen, politicians protest 'weird' epa flyovers. - epa's use of aerial surveillance to nab clean water act violators on great plains farms isn't sitting well with Nebraska farmers and lawmakers. the state's congressional delegation criticized the practice in a letter last week to epa administrator lisa jackson. - greenwire

new wyoming supercomputer expected to boost atmospheric science. - this month, on a barren wyoming landscape dotted with gopher holes and hay bales, the federal government is assembling a supercomputer 10 years in the making, one of the fastest computers ever built and the largest ever devoted to the study of atmospheric science. - latte times

new orleans barge gate crack is likely to delay lake borgne project. - contractors have discovered a 15-foot-long, horseshoe-shaped crack in the bottom of a concrete barge gate designed to block hurricane storm surge from moving from the gulf Intracoastal waterway into the Industrial canal - new orleans times picayune (remember...this is the paper that is on the verge of extinction...imagine this important news not being told. savethetimespicayune.

ssessing consumer concerns about the meat industry. - tom philpott, who covers food and the agricultural industry for mother jones, raises concerns about bovine spongiform encephalopathy - mad cow disease - infiltrating the food chain. - npr

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feels like sunday

need ben bernacke's office phone number? it was given out during the netroots nation keynote address

suicides among u.s. troops spike to almost one a day

religious snake handlers - whom religion didn't seem to help

fracking activity has only a 30% chance of awakening chtulu
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Saturday, June 09, 2012

one more saturday night

the the single girl revolution

how our brains threaten democracy

make everything ok

how to pet a kitty
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they don't want you to know

whose (no-so 'free') "speech" it really is.
...the house appropriations financial services subcommittee voted along party lines to prohibit the fcc from implementing their proposal to add another layer of transparency to the political ad process. committee chair hal rogers (r-ky) argued that fiscal matters are private and should remain that way, according to the latte times  - think progress

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Friday, June 08, 2012

friday on my mind

look out ceo's here comes share holder activism

study shows media more favorable to romney than obama

do you know the etymology of supercalifragilisticexpialaidocious?

need to detect radiation with your phone in japan? there's an app for that
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Thursday, June 07, 2012

thursday night

number of poor americans hit a record number of 49 million in 2010 census

the chamber of commerce dark money days may be over

mitt romney can't even spell ronald reagan's name

and rip the influencial and seminal grand daddy of sci-fi, ray bradbury
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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

skippy's wednesday night music club

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june 6, 1968

a man before his time...was taken.

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walker may have saved his seat yesterday

but the feds are coming for his a**. welcome to walkergate.
when current tv's david shuster broke the story on friday that walker was a "target" of the john doe investigation he cited anonymous sources. on saturday, walker issued a strong denial, saying any suggestions that he has become a target of the john doe probe are "100 percent wrong." late on saturday, shuster revealed more.

"i stand by my reporting 100 percent," shuster said in a conference call reported on by the progressive magazine, adding that walker was also a target in a federal investigation, citing unnamed sources with the u.s. justice department's public integrity section. - policymic

walker, the college dropout is such a classless lying piece of bat guana.

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wednesday mayday

florida telling hundreds of eligible voters they are ineligible to vote

a judge's plea for pot

new theory posits that the brain disassembles itself during sleep

clear paint turns turns any wall into a dry erase board

addendeum: our sincere condolences to ed kilgore of the washington monthly, whose step-father died yesterday
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june 6, 1944

D-Day Memorial - Bedford, Virginia by john.murden
D-Day Memorial - Bedford, Virginia, a photo by john.murden on Flickr.


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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

tuesday afternoon

tea party repub congressmen speak at an eighth-grade level

will romney rock the youth vote?

and is massachusettes a bad omen for mitt?

and can mitt survive amercia-gait?
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Monday, June 04, 2012

if you're not back in love by monday

mitt romney has nothing to offer veterans except cuts in benefits

be sure to check out the transit of venus across the sun tomorrow!

the high cost of ignoring minority students

dr. who carries the olympic torch
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Sunday, June 03, 2012

every day is like sunday

romney's health care plan would result in 58 million people losing their health insurance

nevada gop officials resign after ron paul supporters take over state party

sign the petition telling doj now that the edwards thing is over, can we prosecute the banksters?

and why won't president obama support our right to smoke a doobie like he used to?
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Saturday, June 02, 2012

on a saturday

orthodox jews rally to keep the internet kosher

meg whitman cuts 27,000 jobs at hp

advice to mitt: embrace your inner-richie rich

omg, it looks like the zombie-pocalypse is upon us, even though the cdc denies it
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Friday, June 01, 2012

friday morning

people who watch fox news know less about current events than people who don't watch news at all

sexism in the skeptic/arheist community: the debate rages on

study find that too much corn syrup makes rats forgetful

man in iowa arrested for drunk driving with a zebra and parrot i. his truck -- in the front seat
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kangaroo blogging friday

Rose and Roo by irishconvict
Rose and Roo, a photo by irishconvict on Flickr.

or is it cat blogging friday?

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