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Sunday, May 13, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for some stories that you probably didn't hear on the talking head shows this morning.

u.s. senator dick durbin calls for reform on flame retardant chemicals. - reacting with outrage to the chicago tribune's investigation of deceptive tactics that have fueled the rise of toxic flame retardants in american homes, u.s. sen. dick durbin on thursday demanded answers from two federal agencies, urging them to act aggressively to rid homes of chemicals that pose health risks but don't stave off fires - chicago tribune

 usda to test beef for more strains of E. coli. - next month, the agriculture department will begin testing raw ground beef for the “big six” at meat plants in order to keep these e. coli pathogens off people’s plates. the decision comes four years after experts warned of the dangers these germs pose to the nation’s food supply - wapo

trade groups with dow, monsanto backing lobby for gmo corn. - as the usda readies its decision whether to approve use of gmo corn, dow chemical co. is touting a broad coalition of support among farmers to increase the likelihood that the agency approves the product - international business times

peru's coffee growers turn carbon traders to save their farms from climate change. - global warming threatens the future of peru's poorest coffee farmers, but one brand thinks it has found an answer on the financial markets - london oberserver

dwindling fish stocks leave china high and dry. - a severe decline in stocks has nearly paralyzed the fishing industry in east china, leaving many boats anchored at harbor during what should be the prime fishing season - shanghai daily

ubb widow: massey defrauded families. - massey energy officials tricked the families of some upper big branch miners into early wrongful-death settlements that have proven inadequate, given evidence of safety violations and criminal conduct linked to the fatal april 2010 explosion, according to a lawsuit quietly filed last month. - charleston gazette

evolution and climate change should be taught in schools, say states. - one day after new test results showed that only 32 percent of u.s. 8th graders are proficient in science, a group of 26 states has helped draft a document that may bring about a major overhaul of science education in this country. - scientific american

chile supreme court halts patagonia dam project. - chile's supreme court has halted construction on the rio cuervo hydroelectric project in the country's remote and pristine patagonia region, after accepting an appeal from environmental groups. - afp

radioactivity fear spurs survey. - the u.s. army corps of engineers asked for a survey of water wells in the wake of findings that radioactive waste had been found in ground water leaking from the walls of the nearby erie canal. - buffalo news

sand mining coming to a town near you. - the state of wisconsin is no longer a hot bed for metallic sulfide mining, having its legislature kill a bill in march that would have streamlined mining permit process in favor of mining companies. but it is one of the hotbeds for another type of mining, sand mining, a billion-dollar business - baltimore post examiner

chevron’s huge tax break cost city manager his job. - in el segundo, california, a city manager is fired after finding a secret, possibly illegal, backroom deal with chevron to pay unusually low taxes in this company town - dc bureau

appalachian women put strip-mining on trial. - it's been almost 35 years since lois gibbs became an environmental activist after she discovered her 7-year-old son's elementary school in niagara falls, n.y., was built on a toxic waste dump. this week, gibbs was in west virginia to hear the stories of women whose families live near mountaintop removal coal mining operations - charleston gazette

courtroom conflict: $200 million toxic plume. - an eight-square-mile plume of toxic contamination moving slowly through northern orange county groundwater could take decades to clean up -- with costs running as high as $200 million. - orange country register

obama camp adds coal to ‘all of the above’ energy strategy. - a page on obama’s campaign website now lists “clean coal” among the energy sources the president has supported during his first term, an indication that the campaign is sensitive to criticism that it is hostile to the coal industry. - wall street journal (sub. req.)

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