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Sunday, April 01, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

and, no, despite protestations from the gop claiming so.... climate change is no april fools joke.

a florida beekeeper knows why bees are dying and colonies are collapsing. - scientists, farmers and chemical companies did not listen when david hackenberg said colony collapse disorder might not really be so mysterious, that it was almost certainly caused by a relatively new class of pesticides. and now, it seems, people are finally paying attention - tampa bay times

bees and insecticides: subtle poison. - evidence is growing that commonly used pesticides, even when employed carefully, are bad for bees. dying bees are a problem, and not just for apiarists. bees pollinate many of the world’s crops—a service estimated to be worth $15 billion a year in america alone - economist

pesticide, epa faulted in bee die-off. - beekeepers from minnesota and across the country this month asked the federal government for a temporary ban on one the most widely used pesticides until its effect on bees is clear, arguing that the epa failed to require some legally mandated field testing before the pesticide was approved in 2003 - minneapolis star tribune

gulf's dolphins pay heavy price for deepwater oil spill. - new studies show that the impact of bp's deepwater horizon disaster on dolphins and other marine wildlife may be far worse than feared. - the guardian

as the climate warms, the risk of fires is becoming unusually, unseasonably high. - the crunchy, blackened grass and singed tree trunks here are a reminder that these are odd times: freakishly warm temperatures, dry conditions and an unusual amount of land damaged by fire - burlington free press

raising awareness of plastic pollution. - the crew of a research ship in hawaii prepared for a trip into the huge field of tsunami debris spreading across the pacific ocean. while on land, concerned volunteers cleaned up our coastline and prepared for that debris to reach our islands - kitv 4 honolulu

 ecocide should be treated like a war crime, u.k. lawyer says. - international lawyer polly Higgins, a scottish-born environmental activist, has made eradicating ecocide her life’s work - toronto star

pollution threatens south america's lake titicaca. - growing urbanization is threatening lake titicaca along the bolivia-peru border, and endangering those who depend on it for agriculture and drinking water - christian science monitor

critics alarmed by looser ontario farm sludge rules. - the loosening of rules around spreading sewage sludge -- potentially laced with pharmaceuticals like viagra -- on ontario farm fields has critics sounding the alarm about potential health risks. - canadian press

wendy's jumps into 'pink slime' public relations war. - wendy's co, the nation's second-largest hamburger chain, is the latest company to join the public relations war over so-called "pink slime" – an ammonia-treated beef filler product that the meat industry calls "finely textured beef" – that is at the center of one of the biggest us food fights in recent history. - reuters

us fda: big tobacco must tell you what you're smoking. us health regulators said on friday that tobacco companies must report how much formaldehyde, nicotine or any of 18 other harmful chemicals are in their products - reuters

general motors pulls funding from climate sceptic thinktank heartland. - car giant general motors breaks off a 20-year relationship with heartland institute in an ongoing row over its role in questioning global warming - the guardian

democrat blasts agency for rejecting petition to ban chemical. - a leading critic of the chemical bisphenol a (bpa) criticized the obama administration's rejection of a petition to ban its use in food and beverage packaging because of growing concerns that the omnipresent chemical could be linked to cancer and other diseases - the hill

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