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Monday, April 30, 2012

mike in raleigh

just cracks me up.

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the ad that should be heard around the country

instead of just massachusetts.

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here's monday

stop whining and dance, mittyboy

high tax rates won't slow growth

in fact, the deficit is a republican creation

look out, it's iceberg, the world's onlu albino killer whale
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

come sunday

congressional homophobes...where are they now?

dangerous booby traps set along popular utah hiking trail

shareholders raising a ruckus about ceo pay

50 shades of publishing
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

lazy saturday

rick santorum apologizes to rachel maddow

studies show wealth reduces compassion

social security has a huge surplus

it's eeyore's birthday in austin
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they want to kill my post office

Main Post Office by santa barbarian
Main Post Office, a photo by santa barbarian on Flickr.
the lobbyists want to kill it.
...in 2006, in what looks like an attempt to bust the postal workers' union, george bush signed into law the postal accountability and enhancement act of 2006. this law required the postal service to pre-fund 100 percent of its entire future obligations for 75 years of health benefits to its employees – and not only do it, but do it within ten years. no other organization, public or private, has to pre-fund 100 percent of its future health benefits.

...the transparent purpose of this law, which was pushed heavily by industry lobbyists, was to break a public sector union and privatize the mail industry. before the 2006 act, the postal service did one thing, did it well, and, minus the need to generate profits and bonuses for executives, did it cheaply. It paid for itself and was not a burden to taxpayers.
..so definitely write your congressman and ask him to roll back bush's idiotic law, and at least give the post office a chance to sink or swim on its own. - rolling stone
call the post office and tell them "don't shut this historic public service down - 202-268-2599

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Friday, April 27, 2012

friday night fireside

obama gets a jimmy fallon jump

rule number 1 about fight club: it is poor judgement to talk about fight club

geese may be spreading the frog-killing virus

here's a pic of the sf bay bridge getting hit by 8 lightning bolts
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

say hello

to the occupy san diego daily
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sweet thursday

how to grow the middle class

the biggest lie in american politics

tsa screeners arrested in la drug trafficking scheme

nra proposes gun rights for fetuses (don't worry it's a joke)
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pay up or bleed to death

this is where our society has finally come. debtors prisons now seem, well..."quaint"
one of the nation's largest medical debt collection companies — already the subject of a lawsuit over alleged privacy violations — finds itself in more hot water as newly released documents claim that agency employees are actually working in hospital emergency rooms and sometimes demanding that patients pay up before they receive any further medical attention.

the nytimes reports on hundreds of pages of documents pertaining to the debt collector's practices obtained from the minnesota attorney general.

according to the times, the debt collector promises savings and increased collections to hospitals if they turn over control of certain administrative functions. this includes putting employees of the collections company in the emergency room - consumerist /nytimes

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wednesday blonde

is the miilitary labeling rape survivors as "crazy" to get rid of them?

everything is technology

why you don't want to work overtime

homeland security wants to implement philip k. dick for real
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Slang For Hashish...

"Lebanese Blonde":

Personally, I've never touched the stuff. Hell, I don't even drink anymore -- quit seven months ago, haven't touched that stuff since either. I just like this song.



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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

skippy's tuesday night music club

a little john edwards fiasco trial version.

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they're gunning for the green laws

cuz they don't care what they do to the health of the earth or actual human beings. they just want that money.
two leading conservative political organizations say they are stepping up coordinated efforts to repeal state-level renewable energy targets.

the american legislative exchange council (alec) — a “stealth business lobbyist” that works with corporate interests to help them write and implement “model” legislation — says it may soon start crafting laws designed to kill or weaken state targets for renewable electricity, heating and fuels. - think progress

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down the penrose lane


more @ penrose on politics!
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tweet of the day

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on an ordinary tuesday

colorado voter id law shot down in committee

reason number 203 the gop war on women is real

the aristocracy of obscene wealth

asian glaciers bulk up, confusing researchers
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Monday, April 23, 2012

happy mondays

for every u.s. soldier who dies in battle this year, 25 will die by their own hands

wal-mart bribery case to gain marketing dominance in mexico

first ever penguin count from space

abnormal gagging or anagram blogging? it's the instant anagram server

is it just us, or does greg sargent's picture on his washington post plum line column look like a dick tracy villain?
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

happy earth day

from santa barbara. the place where it all began.
the genesis of earth day is credited to senator gaylord nelson (d), then a u.s. senator from wisconsin, after witnessing the ravages of the 1969 massive oil spill in santa barbara, california. inspired by the student anti-war movement, he called for an environmental teach-in, or earth day, to be held on april 22, 1970. over 20 million people participated that year, and this earth day is now observed on april 22 each year by more than 500 million people and several national governments in 175 countries. wikipedia
...the story of this annual celebration actually started with a tragedy. on january 28, 1969, an oil platform six miles off of santa barbara's coast ruptured, sending 80,000 to 100,000 barrels of crude oil into the santa barbara channel over the next 10 days. the oil spread from goleta to ventura, killing thousands of sea birds, as well as dolphins, elephant seals, and sea lions.

"it's hard to imagine today, but at the time it was the largest oil spill in the u.s.," said marc mcginnes, retired ucsb environmental studies program professor. (today the santa barbara spill ranks third behind the deepwater horizon spill in the gulf in 2010 and the exxon valdez spill in 1989.) "what we now know as the environmental movement was just emerging. it was events like this and fires burning on the cuyahoga River that got people's attention." - community environmental council

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church on sunday

how "expose alec" exposed alec

hoekstra: equal pay is a "nuisance" that's "hurting business"

"my question is not 'why are there no black characters on girls,' but 'how many black showrunners are on hbo'?"

scientists say creativity and dishonesty go hand in hand
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from prosecuting cheesy aspen poet scotter libby

to prosecuting people pushing bad cheese. u.s. attorney white hat wearer patrick j. fitzgerald rides again.
according to a press release from patrick j. fitzgerald, united states attorney for the northern district of illinois, four individuals who were involved in shipping more than 110,000 pounds of mexican cheese in 2007 were indicted (see, full indictment pdf) on federal charges for allegedly conspiring to distribute the cheese throughout the united states despite food and drug administration orders that it be held for inspections, which later determined that samples were adulterated with salmonella, e. coli and other illness-causing bacteria. one defendant owned the illinois company that imported the dried mexican cheese to the u.s., and another defendant owned a wisconsin company that had a facility in suburban elmhurst and distributed the cheese to customers nationwide. all four defendants were charged with conspiring to illegally distribute the cheese, to “wash” cheese returned by dissatisfied customers by scrapping off mold and fungus so that it could be resold, and to cover up their distribution of the cheese by lying to an fda inspector and by creating and sending a false document to the food safety agency. - marler blog

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

skippy's saturday night music club

our earth is so fragile. take good care of it.

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tweet of the day

i love how buying sex is a huge scandal that makes heads roll, but lying the country into a war is approved of.

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say hello

to the jane cerva daily
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last saturday night in august

30 of the fortune 500 companies paid no taxes from 2008-2010

can't tell your incubus from your succubus? tey the online demonicpedia

parents find "stilborn" baby alive and well in frigid morgue

it's shakespeare's birthday!

and rip facts, 312 bc - 2012 ad
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Friday, April 20, 2012

the great ones go in threes

fresh on the heels of dick clark's death, we lose two more greats.

rip levon helm, the instrumental engine behind the band, which backed bob dylan back in the day. levon was responsible for writing some of his generation's iconic songs, including "the night they drove old dixie down," "up on cripple creek" and our personal favorite, "the weight."

and finally, it's either deeply sad or highly ironic (or both) that the original barnabas collins, jonathan frid, died recently, just weeks before the tim burton remake of "dark shadows" opens (and, appropriately enough, on friday the 13th). jonathan has a cameo in the new film, playing an elderly barnabas to johnny depp's version.

we will miss levon and jonathan, and of course dick clark.
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friday night fever

why fox news viewers are the most mis-informed

lefty blogs are more participatory and democratic

president obama's top 50 accomplishments

how conservatism lost touch with reality
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"The Weight"...

You try to do what's right in life, and it always seems like if it ain't one damn thing throwing you off, it's another. But if you're trying as best as you can, well, that is the right thing:

Take care, Levon. And thanks for all the great music.


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From the Madman Across the Water to the Greatest Helmsman of His Generation?

Others will embed clips from Scorsese's jacking off of Robbie Robertson. Nothing wrong with that, especially when you get something like this or Greg Mitchell's tweet of his amazing work to keep "Baby Let Me Follow You Down" from sounding like a mediocre garage band performance. (That video appears to have been placed in Copyright Claim Hell.)

Instead, though, let's re-interpret, in the manner of Dylan touring "The Mutineer":

"God is dead and the war's begun"?

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

suite thursday

can chicago the coming rains?

romney's big problem? nobody likes him

alec annoyed at losing sponsors? it breaks our hearts

and rip american bandstand legend dick clark
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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

skippy's wednesday night music club

a tip o' the kangaroo's tail to everyone's "favorite" city...

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april 18, 1906

the great san francisco earthquake.

are you prepared for the next big one?
in october, kalw conducted a survey asking bay area residents what was in their earthquake kits. Of the 328 people who responded, 127 said they didn’t have one at all and many weren’t sure they were packing the right things.

for those without a kit, rubinstein suggests food, water, and basic hygiene supplies. cash in small denominations is also a good thing to have because credit cards might not work and coins for payphones are a good idea.

“and all of this is with the expectation that you should be without services for at least 72 hours,” he explains. - kalw

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wednesday 13

herman cain's tax revolution rally flops

the time to negotiate with obama is now, not after the election

are atheists too respectful of religion?

here's a timeline of neat stuff you'll have in the future
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

welcome tbogg readers!

thanks for dropping by!

we thank tbogg so much for linking us in his tribute to atrios

we personally have met tbogg more times than we can remember, mostly at jane's shindigs, where we hob-nobbed with the creme de la blog of los angeles blogtopia and yes, we coined that phrase!
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on a tuesday in amsterdam long ago

olympic organizers ask keith moon to drum in opening ceremonies; too bad he's been dead for over 30 years

blog against theocracy 2012

corporate profits are back up to pre-recession levels; not so much jobs

true story: "i regret eating my placenta
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Monday, April 16, 2012

goodbye blue monday

what to expect from obama's second term

it's not socialism if the gop does it

steal a lobster, go to jail

6 times the onion had people totally fooled
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Sunday, April 15, 2012

skippy's sunday night music club

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environmental news stories sunday

for those stories that won't be bandied about on the talking head shows. and, should i be so bold to say, these stories are more important to peoples lives than knowing that brad and angelina are now engaged.

radioactive waste may soon travel on highways. - shipments of low-level radioactive waste from up to 36 states will soon head to a dump in west texas, owned by dallas billionaire and generous republican political donor harold simmons, despite concerns from environmentalists and others worried about potential accidents or contamination - fort worth star telegram

the guar gum bubble. - big business is in a bidding battle over a little legume that’s used in everything from food to fracking. the interest in guar gum has caused the price to spike nearly twenty-fold. though there are alternatives to guar in fracking, none work quite as well or are too expensive to produce - living on earth

oil spill not just a terrible memory. - on florida's panhandle beaches, where local officials once fretted over how much oil washed in with each new tide, everything seems normal. but with an ultraviolet light, geologist james "rip" kirby has found evidence that the oil is still present, and possibly still a threat to beachgoers - tampa bay times

fda criticized for secrecy in food-illness probes. - the fda's decision to let a six-state e. coli probe in 2009 go dormant, despite clear leads, is part of what some food safety experts call a worrisome "cone of silence" around leafy green produce problems in the united states - denver post

gas prices too high? Have you considered sewage? - hydrogen cars aren’t taking off because hydrogen is hard to make and put in cars. but there is a lot of the gas in our waste treatment plants, and one in california will now let you fill up. have they opened the door to a hydrogen economy? - fast company

fracking water linked to earthquakes. - the use of underground wells to dispose of waste water produced by fracking – the process used to unlock oil and gas deposits hidden deep in rock formations – is “almost certainly” behind the surge in earthquakes in the central us in recent years, a government study has found - financial times

and you thought it was just 'pink' slime. "lean finely textured beef," aka "pink slime," sparked an uproar when the usda bought 7 million pounds of the stuff for school lunches. the agency maintains it's safe and healthy; critics say it's not fit to eat - propublica

colorado river flows endangered by urbanization, energy production, climate change. - the once-lush delta where the colorado river used to spill out into the sea of cortez is now a dry sandy landscape in mexico where “america's hardest-working river” is too tired to finish the job - vail real vail

port-au-prince: A city of millions, with no sewer system. - port-au-prince is about the size of Chicago. But it doesn't have a sewer system. It's one of the largest cities in the world without one - all things considered (npr)

four important food and farm stories you may have missed - grist

radiation from japan's damaged reactors posed little risk in oregon despite portland 'hotspot'. - at a public health conference in october, one speaker noted portland stood out as a hotspot for radioactive fallout from the 2011 fukushima nuclear accident in japan - portland oregonian

overcoming climate change denial. - according to the mayo clinic, "if you're in denial, you're not being realistic about something that's happening in your life -- something that might be obvious to those around you." - redding record searchlight

and then...there are the tornadoes.


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down the penrose lane


more @ penrose on politics!
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broken sunday

creationism and the right-wing march backwards

lotteries are a bad bet for state budgets

abortion clinic landlord turns the tables on protestors

fitting for a sunday, it looks like every gop candidate endorsed by god
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Saturday, April 14, 2012

the first question

admittedly, this one's for the fanboys & girls out there:

not officially sanctioned, but a damn, damn good video put together by a true lover of all things doctorian...
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juke box saturday night

suppress the vote!

climate change linked to disease

payola for the most profitable corporations in history

texts from hillary
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when hunger hits home

let's end childhood hunger. if we want to invest in our country...we have to invest in the health of our citizens. you can't learn in school if you are hungry. if a child is going hungry...they are being "left behind."

join share our strength and santa barbara resident jeff bridges in making sure that no kid goes hungry. #nokidhungry.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

friday night blues

does wal-mart have a future?

cigarette displays are now banned in england

who's to blame for early 2009?

it''s robosqirrel vs. rattlesnake!
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

skippy's thursday night music club

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wealthy women are bickering

over whether or not a women who stays home to raise 5 kids knows about work.

all the while poor women are too busy workings several jobs and trying to raise their kids. they don't have spare time to partake of the newest news media item to make women look trivial.

come on. really?

women are losing their healthcare options. women who step forward and demand that they are treated like human beings are slimmed by the leader of the gop as a "slut."

and word definition is the c**p women have decided to "fight" over.

come 'freakin' on.

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probably on thursday

gop fears latino revolt

how a racist blended in

10 questions the tea party doesn't want to answer

whoops! james cameron had the wrong stars in the sky when the titanic sunk
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

skippy's wednesday night music club

boogie down with bowie.
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top romney backer makes assasination joke

the open hatred of our president because he is african-american is becoming frightening.
a top republican donor who recently announced he would be financially supporting mitt romney’s presidential campaign made a joke about president obama being shot at.

speaking on fox business, millionaire foster friess — who the romney campaign has reached out to for financial support — said, “there are a lot of things that haven’t been hammered at because rick and Mitt have been going at each other, now that they have trained their barrels on president obama, i hope his teleprompters are bullet-proof.” - national confidential

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tweet of the day

: ann has a car elevator, race horses and a $100 million dollar 401K in her name. she feels your pain!

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waiting for wednesday

ashley judd to be democratic convention delegate

remember carmageddon 9 months ago? now la is seeing a carmageddon baby boom

you know what robert scott could have used to get to the south pole? a giant mechanical moquito

go ask alice: chatting w/an artificial intelligence about mittl romney
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

love you til tuesday

last month was the hottest march on record

what's the margin of error for the margin of error?

tax the super-rich now or face a revolution

"life is good" by joe walsh as acted out by kitties
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Monday, April 09, 2012

funky monday

church phone hacked, left with $20,000 bill

secy. clinton won't attend dem convention

you can buy a vanity license plate in virginia that benefits planned parenthood

it's bowling for abortion!

and rip veteran newsman mike wallace and thomas kincade
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Sunday, April 08, 2012

egging us on

as is our tradition at skippy international, we once again observe the sacredness of easter by presenting to you

10 things i hate about commandments

and now, a new story for your easter entertainment:

alfred peepcock presents "the peeps"
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in your easter bonnet

pat robertson thinks homosexuality is related to demonic possession

trinity broadcasting network accused of financial fraud

13 horrible easter bunny family photos

and the finalists to the washpost 2012 peeps diorama contest (including occupeep dc)
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Saturday, April 07, 2012

say hello

tothe jane cerva daily!
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the best seder in the u.s.a.

pesach same'ach!

update: and, for you disco fans out there:

matzoh man!
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joe harper saturday night

is it a war on women or a war on caterpillars?

rush limbaugh is still losing advertisers

msnbc reports internet satire as real news

say hello to prince harry, the baby pygmy hippo
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Friday, April 06, 2012

friday night at the drive-in bingo

conservatives don't like science much

dems vs repubs - the chart

woman arrested for trespassing in hospital dies in jail

where are the women: national magazine award edition

special bonus for doctor who fans: the eleventh doctor video game

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Thursday, April 05, 2012

skippy's thursday night music club

each person has inside a basic decency and goodness. if he listens to it and acts on it, he is giving a great deal of what it is the world needs most. it is not complicated but it takes courage. it takes courage for a person to listen to his own goodness and act on it. - pablo casals

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outlook for thursday

gop senate candidate wants to know why another gop senate candidate wants to follow his 14 yr old daughter on facebook

georgia's 10-week abortion ban fails

so has arizona's bill to let employers restrict employees' use of birth control

al qaeda: "msnbc was way better before they fired olbermann". what about current tv, al?
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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

$46 per unit now. $180 per unit proposed.

students at santa monica college went to the board of trustees meeting to complain and peacefully protest the proposed two tiered community college system (you can get into the classes you need...but only if you can afford to pay up to 4x the going rate.)  

they got pepper sprayed.

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A Little Late Night Music...

The lyrics are kinda creepy in an "Every Breath You Take" manner, but it's Portishead, so it's good:



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spring summer and wednesdays

romney's top 5 assaults on women's health

how to use light to control the brain

not safe for work!!! but damn funny!!! a naked body that looks like homer simpson

and since it's re-opening roday in 3d, here's 33 things you didn't know about "titanic"
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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

under the gop's ideal america

elderly americans with alzheimer's would have to be responsible for watching the stock market and keeping their social security accounts in order.

elderly americans with alzheimer's would have to keep track and pay their own medical bills.

they apparently don't have a clue as to alzheimer's, the aging process and what elderly americans face. with this budget they have put forth....it shows they don't give a flying rats ass.

the president is wrong. this budget isn't thinly veiled at all. it is social darwinism.

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losing on a tuesday

a patriot's guide to racism and unracism

alec amnd the bad law industry

eagles and cats living together mass hysteria!

homeopathy has no side effects mainly because it has noeffects at all
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santorum is a liar...liar

pants on fire.
santorum: i was just reading something last night from the state of california. and that the california universities – i think it’s seven or eight of the california system of universities don’t even teach an american history course. it’s not even available to be taught. - think progress
he could have at least googled university of california requirements to find out that wasn't true.

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Monday, April 02, 2012

skippy's monday night music club

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No, Giorgio!*

Forget Thierry Henry, or even David Beckham: stars whose best days are behind them, though still mobile enough and competitive enough that your kids will say, "I saw him play."

For football in America, the first of those was Pele. But it was Giorgio Chinaglia who made the Cosmos exciting. While Giorgio was doing this:

Pele was deciding to do this.

Taking nothing away from the IOC's Athlete of the Century, the first attempt at a professional football league in the United States would be remembered more in the manner of the USFL than as "Once in a Lifetime."

*Title reference. The complete Village Voice review at year-end was "No, Pavarotti."

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game of bronies

for our george r.r. martin fans out there...


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fell in love on monday

not off-shoring, here's 6 companies that are re-shoring

what you don't know about health care

christians passing unchristian gun laws

how out of touch with america is congress?
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Sunday, April 01, 2012

skippy's sunday night music club

a little music from strunz and farah (a combination of costa rican and persian with a little flamenco thrown in...)

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say hello

to fashion fair tour damask
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environmental news stories sunday

and, no, despite protestations from the gop claiming so.... climate change is no april fools joke.

a florida beekeeper knows why bees are dying and colonies are collapsing. - scientists, farmers and chemical companies did not listen when david hackenberg said colony collapse disorder might not really be so mysterious, that it was almost certainly caused by a relatively new class of pesticides. and now, it seems, people are finally paying attention - tampa bay times

bees and insecticides: subtle poison. - evidence is growing that commonly used pesticides, even when employed carefully, are bad for bees. dying bees are a problem, and not just for apiarists. bees pollinate many of the world’s crops—a service estimated to be worth $15 billion a year in america alone - economist

pesticide, epa faulted in bee die-off. - beekeepers from minnesota and across the country this month asked the federal government for a temporary ban on one the most widely used pesticides until its effect on bees is clear, arguing that the epa failed to require some legally mandated field testing before the pesticide was approved in 2003 - minneapolis star tribune

gulf's dolphins pay heavy price for deepwater oil spill. - new studies show that the impact of bp's deepwater horizon disaster on dolphins and other marine wildlife may be far worse than feared. - the guardian

as the climate warms, the risk of fires is becoming unusually, unseasonably high. - the crunchy, blackened grass and singed tree trunks here are a reminder that these are odd times: freakishly warm temperatures, dry conditions and an unusual amount of land damaged by fire - burlington free press

raising awareness of plastic pollution. - the crew of a research ship in hawaii prepared for a trip into the huge field of tsunami debris spreading across the pacific ocean. while on land, concerned volunteers cleaned up our coastline and prepared for that debris to reach our islands - kitv 4 honolulu

 ecocide should be treated like a war crime, u.k. lawyer says. - international lawyer polly Higgins, a scottish-born environmental activist, has made eradicating ecocide her life’s work - toronto star

pollution threatens south america's lake titicaca. - growing urbanization is threatening lake titicaca along the bolivia-peru border, and endangering those who depend on it for agriculture and drinking water - christian science monitor

critics alarmed by looser ontario farm sludge rules. - the loosening of rules around spreading sewage sludge -- potentially laced with pharmaceuticals like viagra -- on ontario farm fields has critics sounding the alarm about potential health risks. - canadian press

wendy's jumps into 'pink slime' public relations war. - wendy's co, the nation's second-largest hamburger chain, is the latest company to join the public relations war over so-called "pink slime" – an ammonia-treated beef filler product that the meat industry calls "finely textured beef" – that is at the center of one of the biggest us food fights in recent history. - reuters

us fda: big tobacco must tell you what you're smoking. us health regulators said on friday that tobacco companies must report how much formaldehyde, nicotine or any of 18 other harmful chemicals are in their products - reuters

general motors pulls funding from climate sceptic thinktank heartland. - car giant general motors breaks off a 20-year relationship with heartland institute in an ongoing row over its role in questioning global warming - the guardian

democrat blasts agency for rejecting petition to ban chemical. - a leading critic of the chemical bisphenol a (bpa) criticized the obama administration's rejection of a petition to ban its use in food and beverage packaging because of growing concerns that the omnipresent chemical could be linked to cancer and other diseases - the hill

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blues on sunday

can organic farming feed the world?

here's a surprise: working longer hours does not equal more productivity, it means less

there really is a war on women

rare niger giraffe population makes a comeback
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