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Thursday, March 01, 2012

judge allows anti-sag/aftra merger lawsuit to proceed

it's full steam ahead as the last hurdle to sue the officers of the screen actors guild in an effort to stop the balloting has been jumped. variety:

the federal judge in the anti-merger lawsuit against the screen actors guild has authorized the plaintiffs to proceed with their amended complaint, which asks for a jury trial, attorneys fees and monetary damages.

u.s. district court judge james otero granted the motion wednesday, a week after the initial four-count civil complaint was filed in los angeles. plaintiffs allege the sag and its leaders are attempting to merge with the american federation of television and radio artists "without conducting the necessary due diligence." sag has labeled the suit "a clear attempt at circumventing the will of the membership" and "a public relations stunt" and filed a motion this week to dismiss it.

"having considered the evidence and legal arguments, this court finds that plaintiffs have satisfied all pre-suit requirements pursuant to statute and demonstrated good cause for the action to proceed," otero said in his order…

the plaintiffs -- who include martin sheen and ed harris -- are claiming that the sag and its leaders are actively denying sag members the right to full and fair disclosures and a meaningful vote regarding merger. the finding by otero means that statutory pre-suit requirements have been met to pursue a breach of fiduciary duty claim.
no word on how that will effect the voting on the ballots that were mailed out the beginning of this week.
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Starting at the ballot and the supporting material; it's even worse than Gil C.'s been making it sound.
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