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Sunday, March 25, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

hey....someone should be talking about these things on sunday and you know it "ain't" going to be the same old shellacked hair'd politicians on the talking head shows.

urban sprawl is what happens in vegas. unfortunately, sprawl doesn't just stay in vegas. - treehugger

triumph, tragedy and climate change. the island president. - grist

both coasts watch closely as san francisco faces erosion. - california officials expect climate change to raise sea levels at ocean beach by 14 inches by 2050. should herculean efforts be made to preserve its $220 million wastewater treatment plant and 14-ft-wide sewage pipe, or should the community simply bow to nature? - nytimes

se alaska fisheries investigate, anticipate ocean acidification. - will the carbon output of a growing world economy transform the oceans into an environment that - thanks to basic chemistry - is hostile to alaska’s famed salmon? or will alaskans find ways to mitigate the expected drop in ocean ph? - juneau empire

male domination creates sick urban society, says horticulturalist. - as people with pollen allergies (sniff) already know, botanical sexism is alive and growing in edmonton. most north american cities plant more male bushes, trees and plants than their female counterparts. and this means more pollen. does it increase allergies? - edmonton journal

beef recalled in four states. - sysco seattle inc. is recalling approximately 16,800 pounds of ground beef patties distributed to restaurants in colorado, arizona, texas and washington because of possible e. coli contamination, the u.s. department of agriculture's food safety and inspection service (fsis) said. - denver post

germs in your wallet can make you sick. - germs on money may be making unwary people sick - some notes are more than six times filthier than a public lavatory. a public defender investigation of 10 melbourne, australia shoppers' wallets found cash and credit cards could be potential hotbeds for bacteria - melbourne herald sun

mecca's misery: smell returns after winter break. two days after the dec. 15, 2010, outbreak that had hospitalized two people, the saul martinez school community adjourned for a two-week winter break, hopeful that whatever had caused the stench wouldn't return in the new year. but it did — just about every day for the rest of the school year - palm springs desert sun

pacific gas & electric's effort to deduct fines for san bruno blast. - pacific gas & electric has an astonishing proposal. it wants to deduct likely state fines of $200 million for the deadly san bruno blast from the costs it ran up safety testing other buried gas pipelines after the explosion - sfchron

damaging sea-level rise is on the way. - new peer-reviewed research argues that both sea-level rise and storm-surge elevations will be greater along much of the u.s. coastline than currently predicted. the impact for coastal communities could potentially be devastating. - charlotte observer

at the blunt end of the hockey stick. - anti-intellectualism isn’t a new phenomenon in america. but the current war of words over climate science has taken on the tone of a religious war. michael mann has been on the front lines of this conflict - kqed

georgia ruling on river pollution was an insult. - georgians who live along the ogeechee river have no legal right to challenge a secret state agreement with the company that caused the largest fish kill in georgia’s history. this ruling, from an administrative law judge, is insulting - savannah morning news

dolphins in barataria bay are severely ill, noaa says. - bottlenose dolphins in barataria bay, which received heavy and prolonged exposure to oil during the 2010 gulf spill following the deepwater horizon rig explosion, are showing signs of severe ill health, according to noaa and its research partners - nola times picayune

going green a hit at des moines schools. - efforts to make des moines schools more energy-efficient in the past three years have resulted in $1.7 million in savings, an amount equal to the salary of roughly 47 first-year teachers, district officials said - des moines register

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