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Sunday, March 18, 2012

environmental news stories sunday

for those pesky little stories that won't be talked about on the talking head shows....but should be.

who: antibiotic overuse so prevalent scraped knee could be deadly. - overuse of antibiotics has become so prevalent that if the trend continues, a normal infection can become deadly, according to statements made by world health organization director-general dr. margaret chan - cbs news

study ties gmo corn, soybeans to butterfly losses. - the rapid spread of herbicide-resistant crops has coincided with — and may explain — the dramatic decline in monarch numbers that has troubled some naturalists over the past decade, according to a new study by researchers at the university of minnesota and Iowa State - minneapolis star tribune

study shows links between kids taking antibiotics and asthma. - researchers from ubc may have figured out why so many kids have asthma. study author brett finlay says there's a type of bacteria in a person's gut that helps build the immune system. his study suggests antibiotics can wipe out those bacteria, making the person susceptible to asthma. - vancouver news1130

restaurants react to food allergies. - for those of us who are sensitive or allergic to certain foods, eating out can sometimes feel more like a trek through a minefield than a relaxing dining experience - laweekly

$770m trust without funds for polluted neighbors. - a $773 million trust created to find new owners for polluted former gm plants in 14 states, including a 460-acre complex in moraine, does not provide any funding to buy contaminated homes or compensate victims of the pollution - dayton daily news

In west texas, push comes to shove over water restrictions. - water is a contentious issue across Texas, but tensions have been especially high in a 16-county groundwater conservation district stretching from south of lubbock into the panhandle, an area considered part of america’s “breadbasket.” there, farmers reliant on the slowly diminishing ogallala are fighting to maintain their right to pump unrestricted amounts of water. - texas tribune

state policy makers wrestle with how to deal with sea-level rise. - it was once considered prime real estate, but some people are beginning to see connecticut's shoreline another way – as the delicate border between man and a rapidly rising sea - bridgeport ct post

chevron executives barred from leaving brazil over spill. - a brazilian court on saturday barred 17 executives from chevron and transocean from leaving brazil, pending criminal charges related to a high-profile oil spill last november - reuters

oil boom fears flow in michigan's pristine irish hills. - bringing with it concerns about potential earthquakes, contaminated drinking water and dangerous spills, an oil boom has hit the popular, pristine vacation destination of the irish hills. oil companies are seeking more mineral leases and more spots to drill, and now, permits for deep-injection wells to inject their waste fluids underground. - detroit free press

metropolitan water district wages costly war with nature, age. - increasingly frequent shutdowns of the colorado river aqueduct for maintenance and repair are the biggest drivers of rising water bills in southern california - latimes

photoblog - fog and air pollution disrupt travel in beijing. - more than 400 flights to and from beijing airport, including around 35 international services, were cancelled or delayed due to thick fog and strong air pollution covering the city - msnbc

drinking water contamination in the central valley. - a recent study concluded 10 percent of the 2.6 million people sampled in the central valley are at risk from substances linked to cancer in their drinking water - kget tv bakersfield

with a name like "pink slime," it has to be bad. - schools can now opt out of having the unappetizing additive served in their lunchrooms. but why is it even being offered? - denver post

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