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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The End of the World As We Know It and I Feel...

Apparently, at 4:00pm EDT tomorrow—3:00pm here in Kansas City [where I'm attending this), 1:00pm for the Left Coasters, around the time the pros are leaving and the patzers are saying "Surf's Up!" in Hawaii—the results of the destruction of SAG the AFTRA merger vote will be announced by Ken Howard and Roberta Reardon.

Since my vague memory is that ballots were to be counted if they were mailed by the 27th and received up to the 30th, I expect this means that I will be expected to subsidize the often-non-union-working AFTRA members to the tune of an extra $82 a year for the Added Value of having pensions and benefits cut without getting a further say in the matter.

Just in case I'm wrong, the idiots Nobel Leaders can be viewed here at that time. (Note the pretense to non-profit, which basically is what acting as a career will be—even more than it is now—as producers reap excessive rents.)

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