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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

breitbart is here! unfortunately bono is not

the breitbrats get it wrong again. distriction:
his latest ambush? bono! mattera and breitbart.com teamed up for an exclusive!!! in which mattera surprised the u2 frontman with questions about why his band is dodging taxes by moving from ireland to holland. there was only one problem: mattera’s interviewing a bono impersonator in these videos, which have now been set to “private.”

that's right, the not-so-breitbrats ambushed a celebrity impersonator by mistake! and then posted it on the interwebs! in the name of the father, what were they thinking?

tho the original video has been flushed down the memoryhole over at generalissimofranciscofranco.com, you can still see it here.
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